Rising trends in cryptocurrencies and rapidly growing number of crypto investors can cause a crypto bubble burst in the year 2018. According to the cryptocurrency experts, bitcoin can see 150 percent upside in the year 2018. Here are the topmost reasons why you should look cryptocurrencies as a good option for investing your funds in 2018.

Upscaling works on Bitcoin

Much of scaling works are going on for Bitcoin to fix the scaling issues. The new and exciting projects can cause a significant spike in Bitcoin. Due to this, there will be a sharp rise in transactions, and there will be more use of Bitcoins in different channels.

Large-scale ICOs and main focus on Ethereum

ICOs usually require plenty of Ether network, and this will rise to a greater interest in Ethereum digital coin. Thus we can see a big rise in the market capitalization of Ethereum by the end of the year 2018. Although other blockchain platforms will also see major gains, experts believe that Ethereum will be the main focus.

More Regulation

People believe that regulation can hurt cryptocurrency market, but this is not the fact in real. Regulation helps the legal market stability and more certainty with investors having more confidence to invest in the regulated markets.This happened when Japan and Australia regulated the Bitcoin market and the Bitcoin market dropped initially but later rose eventually.

So, the year 2018 might see other countries following the same rule book and can regulate the different cryptocurrencies markets. Countries like South Korea and others can bring regulation to these markets.

Growing use and implementation of crypto-coins

The number of users and merchants of cryptocurrencies are going to increase in the year 2018.

This will improve the cryptocurrencies' reputation, and other companies will also start trusting them. Although there is some misuse of cryptocurrencies but the more regulated environment and more success stories of companies using them will overshadow the dark side of the coins.

Growing number of institutional investors

Institutional funds can be invested to a huge amount in cryptocurrencies, and these will be done more in the year 2018 which can really double the market capitalization this year.

Summing up, if all these factors are taken into account, the year 2018 can be made the most successful year for the cryptocurrencies market. This expected growth is based just not on hope but these solid foundations.