Mukesh Ambani has done India proud. He is now the wealthiest man in Asia, having overtaken Jack Ma the Chinese national who owns Mukesh is the son of Dhirubhai Ambani who started his business dealings in 1951 from Aden. At that time Aden was a British colony. By dint of his ability with an acumen of understanding the closed world of business in India in a controlled economy in India,

Dhirubhai was able to use the system to expand. It is alleged he used a combination of graft and business sense and was able to prosper. The controlled economy ushered in by Nehru was used by him to his advantage.

For this reason, he is considered a legend in Indian industry. Dhirubhai Ambani's son Mukesh took over from where he had left and has expanded his empire. Yahoo News (India) has reported that he is now the richest man in Asia.

Political patronage

Mukesh like his father has also cultivated the political bosses in Delhi and is close to the Indian PM Narendra Modi. Both hail from Gujerat and even before Modi was the PM he has gone on record and said that Modi would make an efficient prime minister as he is conscious of the need to develop industry in India and take it away from the stranglehold of socialism, the pet theme of Nehru.


Much of Mukesh Ambani's success is due to his launch of the Jio telecommunication network.

Within a span of two years, he has changed the face of India and brought in cheaper tariffs and reached out to the masses. This has resulted in older players like Airtel and IDEA to lower tariffs as well, and with his drive, Mukesh has made internet and allied services very cheap, benefitting billions of Indians. NDTV news has reported that he is worth $44 billion.

Mukesh has now overtaken Jack Ma of China and owns the site Ambani has his sights on Jeff Bezoz, presently the richest man in the world. Bezos of Amazon is worth $150 billion, and Ambani is far behind at $44 billion. But financial pundits are sure that Mukesh will come up with greater and bigger schemes, and in another five years, Mukesh could well challenge the American.


Mukesh Ambani also has the support of Narendra Modi. He resides in Mumbai, and recently he celebrated the wedding of his son. It was a lavish wedding and cost him millions of Rupees. This ostensible display of wealth does look a little bizarre in a country where the per capita income is low. Despite this Mukesh Ambani has made Indians proud as he occupies the title of the richest man in Asia. No small achievement. One can look forward to more schemes from him that will benefit the Indian masses.