The controversy and the commercial prospects of the film "Padmaavat" are not dying down after release seem uncertain. The censor board has enforced certain cuts and changed the name to "Padmaavat." However, karni sena is still adamant in preventing the release of the film.

Another Petition rejected by Supreme Court

"Padmaavat" is to be released on January 25. The film was banned in the BJP ruled states, but the producers managed to get the ban canceled. A plea by a lawyer Manohar Lal Sharma that the CBFC certificate issued for the film is erroneous was today rejected by the Supreme Court.

The Karni Serna will be appealing against the Supreme Court ruling and is contemplating another petition before a double bench of the Supreme Court.

It is also going to appeal to the President of India to get the film banned.

Karni Sena adamant

The Karni Sena has threatened to prevent the screening of the film at any cost. Worse it has announced that thousands of Rajput women will commit Jauhar on 24 January. The speed with which Supreme Court is accepting the petitions also puts a question mark on the working of the highest court of the land where a common man has to wait for months to get a hearing.

Meanwhile, another teaser of "Padmaavat" has been released. While the first teaser was focused on the cruelty of Allaudin Khilji played by Ranveer Singh, the second teaser highlighted the grace and poise of Rani padmavati played by Deepika Padukone. The third teaser hints how Rani Padmavati calls upon the Rajput woman to fight against the tyrannical Allaudin Khilji