Previously, it was said by governments of different states that they will not allow "padmaavat" to release in the theatres and despite the supreme court order that has passed for the film release, there are still protests going on. Karni Sena's response to the movie has not given producers any hope to release the film.

"Padmaavat" is a historical film which stars Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, and Shahid Kapur.It is a story about Allaudin Khalji and his desire for Rani Padmini, the queen of Chittor. It has three main characters Alludin Khalji, padmavati and her husband Ratan Sen.

More petitions to be filed

News 18 reported that now the MP government has decided to file another petition against "Padmaavat." The Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh, has said that they will approach the court with another review petition. He said that issue pertains more to public sentiments than that of law and order. Meanwhile, the actor Akshay Kumar has decided to postpone his film release "Padman" which will now hit theatres on 9th February.

Karni Sena Chief Kalvi has got an invitation from Bhansali to where there will be a special screening of the movie. The hometown of UP chief minister Yogi also saw violent protest by its members. During all this, Deepika Padukone who is playing the role of Padmavati visited the Siddhivinayak temple on Tuesday to seek blessings for her film Padmaavat to release properly.

Meanwhile, Karni Sena has decided to urge the people to not watch the movie. He and his people are urging theatre owners too by telling them to not screen the film in their theatres. After this, theater owners are apprehensive about showcasing the film to the audience.

Theatre owners are intimidated

One of the theatre owners said that they have no choice other than to not release the film.

The Hindu Sena and their supporters even blocked the highway to Ujain for hours. They even went out and tried to hijack a truck and set it on fire in Indore. There was also violence reported from Haryana. According to media reports, some of the shops in Gurugram has been vandalized.

It feels as if Karni Sena has decided to not allow the movie to release at any cost.

However, the court has ordered that there will be no state government order that will be issued in any way t prevent the release of the film "Padmavati."The advocate of Karni Sena will also represent the court on Tuesday.

The movie is said to release on 25th January according to the final Supreme court orders.