Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s” January 17, 2018, episode started with Shagun introducing Shanno to the Bhalla family. Shanno is no one else but Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) in disguise. Shagun insists Raman to keep Shanno in their house as a care taker as she wants to save her from her evil husband. Mihika asks Shagun to take Shanno to Amma's house but she says that Ishita has refused to keep her at Amma’s home. Finally, Shagun becomes successful in convincing Raman to let her live in the Bhalla house.

Simmi lifts Shanno’s ghunghat

Simmi, who is suspicious about Shanno, asks to lift her Ghungat and show her face.

Shanno hesitates saying she can’t show her face to strangers. But Simmi starts forcing her to lift her ghunghat. She is startled to see Shanno’s face burnt. She says that her husband has burnt her face and that is the reason she wasn't showing it. Raman apologizes Shanno and asks Simmi to explain the work to her and show her the servant room.

Shagun takes Ishita aka Shanno to the servant room where she lifts the veil. When Shagun asks Ishita how she will stay in that dingy room, she replies saying she can go to any extent to save her family. She says that her main purpose behind taking the disguise is to stop Raman from taking the pills. Shagun asks Ishita to stay alert from Simmi and Param.

Meanwhile, Simmi tells Param that something is conspicuous about Shanno.

She says that maybe Shanno is involved with Shagun and Ishita in their plans. Param finds out that Ishita has gone out of the country with Ashok for a business trip.

Raman is already missing Ishita

Shagun asks Neelu to explain the work to Shanno. Raman asks Shagun about Ishita. Shagun and Mihika understand that he is missing Ishita.

Mihika decides to inform Simmi about it. Raman asks for a glass of water and Shanno gives him breakfast along with water.

Raman tells her that he will not eat until and unless his sister eats. Shanno forcefully feeds Simmi. Raman gets impressed with Shanno. She packs the breakfast for Raman. Ruhi orders Pizza for everyone in the office.

The office administrator Shweta gets worried as Ruhi is spending unnecessarily on employees. Raman comes to office and gets angry on Ruhi for being careless and not attending the meeting which she was supposed to. Shweta tells Raman that the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow and today.

Mihika tells Simmi that Raman is missing Ishita. She tells her that it seems very fishy that at a time when Raman is unwell, Ishita has gone abroad with Ashok for a business meeting. Ishita disguised as Shanno goes to Pihu’s room and takes a look at her report card. Param, who is standing behind her, clears his throat and Ishita gets scared.

It will be interesting to watch if Param gets to know about Shanno’s real identity or not in the next episode of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.”