The Malayalam film "Oru Adaar Love," with eight songs is heading for release. The film has a song by the new singing sensation Priya Warrier. The song with catchy music has set the charts on fire and overnight has made the young Malayali girl from Kerala the toast of South India. The song is not much heard in the North, because of the language divide but in the South, it is a hit. Now the Times of India has reported that the song has irked some Muslims and the Hyderabad Islamic seminary Jamia Nizamia has issued a fatwa against the song and the singer.

The song

The attention to the song was brought by a student from Kerala Muqeeth Khan. He had complained to the police who have registered a case against Priya warrier under Section 295 of the Penal Code for hurting the religious sentiments of the people. The seminary has followed this up and asked that either the film be banned or the song deleted.

Needless controversy

A needless controversy is generated as the song is extremely hummable and is very popular. The producer of the film in a press conference brought out that this song is sung by the Kerala Muslim's at marriages for decades and if it has not been objectionable for so many years, how does it become objectionable now? he has also said that the song will not be deleted from the film.

The Music Director Shaan Rehman of the film is a Muslim and he has come out strongly in support of the film. The Indian Express has quoted him as saying" there is nothing objectionable in the song". The song was written by CMA Jabbar, another Muslim is in fact sung at marriages by Muslims in the state of Kerala.


India has been dogged by obscurantism with the Muslim community refusing to change and wanting to stick to old ideas like polygamy, Instant Talq, and lower status for women. The Muslim Law Board instead of trying to reform the Muslim personal law is hell-bent on trying to defend old social customs that have been done away with in many Muslim countries like Turkey and Malaysia.

China has gone even further and banned fasting during the holy month of Ramadan and the Muslim world is quiet.

Last word

Kerala has a large minority of Muslims who are in the limelight for activities of a prejudicial nature. Many Muslims from Kerala have joined the ISIS and there are allegations of "love Jihad", where Hindu and Christain girls are seduced and converted to Islam. The Supreme Court is hearing a case on this at the moment.

Priya Warrier is not worried and she has commented that the controversy is "needless."