The film "Dunkirk" brought to life the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk, in the face of an assault by the Wehrmacht. Bollywood has hardly made such a film on the role of the Indian soldiers in the World Wars. Now this lacuna will be obviated by a film that glorifies the role of Sikh soldiers during the days of the Raj.

The film titled "Chattar Singh Rangroot" is a true story of Sikh soldiers during World War I is heading for release. The trailer for the film is released and has garnered 500,000 hits on Youtube. NDTV entertainment has reported that the film is likely to be released on 23 March 2018.

The trailer

The trailer for the film has been released, and it has been a hit on YouTube. As on date, the trailer has been viewed more than 500,000 times. The film starring Dilip Dosanjh is being eagerly awaited. Dosanjh is a Sikh actor, who has attained stardom in Bollywood. He has been putting in some very sensitive performances in various other films, and people are looking forward to seeing him act the role of the Sikh soldier in this movie.

The movie revolves around the Lahore Regiment of the British Indian Army. This regiment fought the German Army during World War 1 in France. There is another Stellar role played by Yograj Singh as a Subedar major who motivates the Sikh soldiers to battle the Germans.

Yograj Singh puts in a great performance as the ferocious Sikh JCO, and he does justice to the role.


The film touches on some controversial matters.It brings out the doubts of the footsoldiers, who are fighting the Germans. Many of them wonder whether the blood they shed, will help India become a free Nation. It also shows how the British soldiers held members of the regiment in contempt.

They realize their worth as this group of soldiers of the Lahore regiment proves themselves, not only ferocious fighters but who also deliver the goods.

Congress party

For many decades the Congress Party in power at the center in India, never give any credit to the Sikhs who fought in the two world wars. Their deeds were ignored.

This was because of Gandhi who abhorred violence. With the result that deeds of the soldiers remained unsung for decades.

With the advent of Narendra Modi as prime minister, all this is changed and on his recent visit to France Modi honored the dead Indian soldiers at the various cemeteries in France. These were the soldiers who had died fighting for the king and the Raj in the first World War. Nevertheless, it remains a glorious page in the history of the Indian Army.

Last word

The release of the film is eagerly awaited, and the indications are that the Indian public will love the film. Dilip Dosanjh has a chance to rise to greater heights