The mystery surrounding the death of Indian actress Sridevi has now reached new heights, as the autopsy report of hers conducted in Dubai revealed that her death was due to accidental drowning. Earlier, Indian media houses have reported that Sridevi was died due to cardiac arrest. Dubai police are now investigating the incident, and they are also reportedly probing the telephone calls made by the actress during her last hours.

Mortal remains to be kept in Dubai?

Previously, it has been learned that Sridevi's family is doing all the measures to bring back her mortal remains to India on February 26.

But now, investigations are underway, and unconfirmed reports claim that the mortal remains will be kept in a Dubai mortuary for some more days in embalmed condition. The police may also ask Sridevi's husband Boney Kapoor to stay in Dubai until preliminary investigations get over.

Police are also planning to question the hotel staffs to unravel the mystery surrounding her death. Even though police does not suspect a foul play, they will question Boney Kapoor to ask why he called a friend instead of requesting the help from hotel's doctor when he saw the actress motionless in the bathtub. Many Indian channels including Republic Live has reported that there were alcohol traces in Sridevi's blood.

As the news of accidental drowning has now surfaced, many people took their social media handles and conveyed their suspicion in this incident. One noted personality who expressed her doubts over Sridevi's death is controversial Bangladeshi author and physician Taslima Nasrin. The author asked whether a healthy woman will drown in a bathtub, and mocked the finding ''accidental drowning''.

Sridevi: An unexpected adios from a legendary personality

Indian film industry is undoubtedly male-dominated, and in this fraternity, Sridevi loudly proclaimed that a woman could also create magic at the box-office. With a series of blockbusters in late 80's and early 90s, she affirmed her position in Bollywood and emerged as the first lady superstar in the history of Indian cinema.

After marrying Boney Kapoor in 1996, she quit cinema for a while and later came back in style with the movie 'English Vinglish' in 2012. The film went on to become a massive hit at the box-office, and later she acted in 'Mom,' another hit.

And on the fateful night of February 25, Sridevi left this physical world and started her eternal journey. Her husband Boney Kapoor said that he found her body in the bathroom of the apartment when he opened the door and looked when she did not turn up after 15 minutes of bathing.