Its obvious that having my roots from an Indian origin I would not be interested in expressing admiration or inclination towards the personal life (professional included) of Queen Of United Kingdom, i.e., Queen Elizabeth II. Well, not after grotesque British rule of more than hundreds of years over India and parts of Africa! I mean its none of my concern right now or it ever was to garner trivial information about her. Details about her worldwide fame, belongings, and such trivial celebrity balderdash.

Before you conclude that this article is a dysphemism on the Queen, then let me tell you that this ain’t the case.

Her image changed (Queen in her private life) after I scrutinized season 1 of "The Crown" on Netflix - a historical drama depicting how Queen Elizabeth became queen in her late 20s right after the death of her father King George VI.

What exactly is 'The Crown' about?

As the series unfolds, it provides detailed insight into Queen’s internal struggle with her feelings, thoughts, and desires. Add to it the external struggle with her husband, sister, mother and the staff at the Buckingham Palace. As a result, Crown has unique dramatic elements and powerful, gripping plot altogether.

The stunning Claire Foy plays the young queen whose evocative expressions are breathtaking. Matt Smith plays her husband Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and has done a marvelous job of portraying that character.

What was more surprising in this series was John Lithgow! I could not believe this was the same actor who played Dick Solomon in "3rd Rock from the Sun" sitcom and ‘typical grandfather’ sort of role in Interstellar. Albeit what I am trying to say is that he is phenomenal and sublime in the role of Winston Churchill.

Oh yes if you have not seen the series then this would come as a surprise.

The movements, the dialogue, and dialect he portrays as Winston Churchill speaks volume of his acting skills. There are numerous instances throughout the series where Winston Churchill meets Queen Elizabeth and trust me those moments are really enthralling and keeps one on tenterhooks. I have never seen such powerful portrayal of Churchill on screen before.

Though I have yet to see the recent Golden Globe winner Gary Oldman's role in the movie "Darkest Hour" in which he portrays Winston Churchill too.

Interesting character and conclusion

In Season 1 Vanessa Kirby plays Princess Margaret and wishes to marry Peter Townsend played by Ben Miles. Their love story is showcased in a captivating manner. Pip Torrens plays Tommy Lascelles whereas Alex Jennings plays Edward, Duke of Windsor, and both appear terrific on screen as they provide the necessary antagonism in the series. There are certain moments in the entire series with intense drama on the screen accompanied by gripping background score.

Such as in one of the episode King George VI instructs Philip about the importance of Elizabeth in his life and how she should be priority amidst everything he does.

This scene is inter-cut with Elizabeth entering her father’s room and sitting on his chair. That entire sequence is cinematic with remarkable music which intensifies the overall visual experience.

The title track of the series composed by Hans Zimmer is unique whereas the background score is created by Rupert Gregson-Williams and they too have done a commendable job. Peter Morgan is the creator of this series. However, its adapted from his 2006 film ‘The Queen’ itself.

One of the major imperative in this series was its high production value regarding the locations especially the interiors of palaces. As the famous dialogue from the "Spiderman" movie says, “With more power comes more responsibility.” The season 1 illustrates the struggle of Queen Elizabeth II and the importance of "The Crown" in their royal family and how much responsibility it holds for them and the world outside.

What do you think of season 1 of "Crown"? Has the queen been portrayed in a substantial manner? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to leave your rating for season 1.