Malayalam cinema was the poor cousin of Tamil cinema which is dominating all over the south. A new range of youth-oriented films have however put Malayalam cinema on the front page in India, and North Indian audiences have been noticing the happenings in the deep south cinema. The latest film that has caught the fascination of youth is a love story " Oru Adar Love" She has become the heart-throb of millions.

The first post has reported that Priya Varrier has embraced instant stardom even before her first film is released.


Priya is also a singing sensation she has sung a Muslim song which is generally played at Muslim marriages in Kerala.

The song has gone viral and is extremely popular. However, a seminary in Hyderabad has issued a fatwa against the song. This fatwa is a blessing in disguise as the popularity of Priya has increased. She has commented that the controversy surrounding the song is "needless."

The director of the film Omar Lulu has already directed two hit films 2x last year. This film is about youth love and has caught the imagination of the public. Priya Varrier's popularity has skyrocketed, and she is now the most researched name on Google. Her page on Instagram recorded 606 k hits in one day which is just behind the recently turned mother Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo. No mean achievement.

South Indian Heroines

Priya in an interview on YouTube has mentioned that she would like to act in Bollywood films. She has expressed her desire to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Bollywood has a long line of successful heroines from South India, among the important names, are Hema Malini Padmini, Ragini, Saroja Devi and Sridevi.

No male star from the south has ever become a pan-India hero. There are thus good chances for Priya to strike it rich in Bollywood.

Priya Varrier

Priya Varrier is only 18 and is a student of first year Bachelor of Commerce at her hometown Thrissur. She has learned classical Indian dance like Bharatanatyam up to the 10th grade.

She is also fluent in Hindi and English, and this will be a plus point in case she has to get a break in Bollywood. The film"Oru Adaar love" is likely to be dubbed in Tamil and Hindi and audiences all over India will get a chance to see this beautiful chirpy actress.

The film has not yet been released and despite this, her songs and the promo shots, as well as the trailer for the movie, is an instant hit. The parents of Priya are supportive of her wish to act in films. One hopes that she will do well in the years to come. Bollywood producers will be waiting to have a look at how Priya acts on the screen after the film is released. The success of the film will be a clue to get a break in Bollywood