Priyanka Chopra is going to sue disgraced diamond entrepreneur nirav modi for non-payment of her dues. The Bollywood starlet who earned fame and fortune for her role in "Quantico" was designated as the brand ambassador in a Nirav Modi diamond ad campaign.

Nirav Modi was a late entrant to the diamond business and was a regular sight in Bollywood parties, and his brand of diamonds was proudly displayed by the big Whigs of both Bollywood and Hollywood including Kate Winslet and Dakota Johnson who proudly displayed their association with his eponymous brand.

Trouble never comes alone, and this adage comes full circle for a disgraced diamond dealer who is in the thick of trouble for his role in duping a public sector bank of millions of rupees. An investigation of gigantic proportion is on, and many skeletons are falling.

An association went awry

Priyanka and her team had already cut all ties before the fraud surfaced after serious disagreements about payments for the diamond campaign which had Priyanka as its brand ambassador.

It was a meeting of minds when the two, Priyanka and Modi came together and symbolized the face of modern India to the world.

Bollywood greats endorse Nirav’s brand of diamonds

The "Quantico" star had shot a number of an Ad campaign for Nirav Modi jewels, and it also included Bollywood hunk Sidharth Malhotra who was appointed, the brand ambassador for the company.

Hollywood actress Lisa Haydon also endorsed Modi’s brand of diamonds.

More skeletons are tumbling out since the unearthing of the $1.77 billion fraud from one branch of Punjab National Bank in Mumbai.

All the firms which have been indicted by PNB are either owned by Nirav Modi and his family members. Meanwhile, the Diamond Magnate is reported to have fled the country and is hiding in Switzerland.