Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms when it comes to sharing art and artwork - be it paintings, photographs, write-ups, etc. You can follow a few people, share your creativity and get tons of followers in a short time. For someone, such as an artist who is struggling to find a platform for him or herself, Instagram comes as an easy rescue providing good reach and following. What comes along is easy fame for the good and bad alike.

Easy followers and trash writing?

Having an Instagram account of my own, I have been using it for over two years to share my writing, from long and short poems to theme-based series and short fiction.

I have tried my hand at all kinds of writing styles that I can present online and reach out to more and more people. There are many ways out there by which you can get a number of followers who blindly follow your page and get you thousands of likes on even the vilest posts. And while there are artists who have genuinely gained the very well deserved fan-following for their creative talent, there are those who bask in the glory of the "easy followers" trick. Many people end up following thousands of people and gaining another thousand in return, this indeed has become the easiest way to gain followers on the platform.

A platform only for micro-stories and poems?

With an increase in the number of people turning into self-proclaimed writers, Instagram comes out as an obvious platform to share and spread writing works.

Micro-poetry, Haikus, and one-liners is what the platform has become all about. What it leads to, is giving undue advantage to those who write only to gain quick fame. While Micro-poetry has its own history and there is a proper way as to how Haikus are written, many wannabe writers out there are using Instagram as a platform to spread the kind of writing that is not just re-written but non-creative.

"Three Liners" are slowly becoming the face of "Insta poetry." Getting thousands of likes on posts with fancy fonts and background is taking away what we call the pleasure of reading somebody else's work.

Giving easy access to people who write, not because it's their passion or they value art, but because it's "in" and convenient to get free likes and comments is what is creating the real problem.

Many people end up sharing about ten posts a day, with writing that not only lacks creativity but also the required effort and brain-storming there is to the actual art. This might give a green signal to those who take all the attention, taking away the limelight from genuine artists or writers who put in an effort to learn and generate quality art. The whole idea of "writing convenient" is degrading the quality of content and art not only for those who are already experts in their field but also those who are learning and reaching out there.

Has Instagram then, just become a platform for those who write micro-poems and three line poetry or does it still hold its value as a platform that makes it easy for artists to reach out to the bigger crowd?