Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away in Dubai on Sunday morning. The actress, along with her family, was in the city to attend her nephew’s wedding. Initial reports claimed that the 54-year-old actress died due to cardiac arrest. However, reports have now surfaced, affirming that the actress “accidentally drowned” in the bathtub in her hotel room. Dubai police stated that the post-mortem report confirmed the same.

Dubai police have transferred the case to Dubai Public Prosecution, which will carry out other legal procedures followed in such cases.

Boney Kapoor, Sridevi’s husband, was the first to find her body. In his statement to the police, he said that he went to her hotel room to surprise his wife and take her out to dinner.

According to many, his version of events does not "add up.”

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy said that media reports have not been consistent. Swamy said he suspects foul play and added that Sridevi was murdered.

Fans condemn Indian police

Several fans, who took to Twitter, expressed their doubts about Sridevi’s untimely death. It doesn’t appear like an accidental death, they said, adding that truth will out soon as it is the Dubai police that is investigating and not the Indian police. The Indian police is notorious for covering up such murders, they said.

Fans also opined that the alleged murderer, if caught, should be punished as per Dubai laws.

Twitterati poses questions

Users on Twitter asked the following questions:

  • Why did Boney Kapoor call the cops only after 9:30 pm when he found Sridevi dead at around 7:15pm?
  • Why did he reach out to his friend instead of calling the ambulance?
  • If Sridevi was already dead, how did he get into the hotel room?

“People with money power do kill their wife and make many absurd stories like #bathtub to wash off their bloody hands.

Legendary #Sridevi was killed by someone. @DubaiPoliceHQ must conduct the investigation very accurately,” a user tweeted.

Prashant Bhushan, public interest lawyer and activist, and founder member of the Swaraj Abhiyan, took to Twitter and expressed his doubts.

“Sridevi's mysterious death is indeed very sad & a great loss to our film industry.Who gave the false story of cardiac arrest&why? If media gave 10% of time they devote to Sridevi, on Judge Loya's murky death, the case would be cracked. Why was the false Heart attack story cooked?” he asked.

Trending hashtags

#SrideviDeathMystery and #SrideviDeathTwist are trending on Twitter. #SrideviDeathMystery was reportedly started by Republic TV, headed by Arnab Goswami.

Many fans are also furious with the media for sensationalizing the star’s death.

Journalist and TV host Bhupendra Chaubey admitted that #SrideviDeathTwist has been amongst the toughest shows to anchor. “Just wanted to be factual. Still I am sure people will have issues with it. It’s the nature of this case. Dubai police adding to confusion,” he tweeted.

Responding to Chaubey, advocate Sunil K Chaturvedi said, “ Whenever there is confusion approach scientifically and not on hearsay.

There is nothing to negate Dubai Police version. Heart Attack version was hearsay…”

Furious fans also told the TV channels not to stoop low to increase their ratings. Fans said that the media should be mindful of the situation and respect Sridevi’s family members who are still in a state of shock.

Navdeep Suri, India’s ambassador to the UAE, said that the embassy is in touch with the family members.

“We share their pain. Our experience in similar cases tells us that it does take 2-3 days to complete processes

We leave it to the experts to determine cause of demise. Let’s be responsible,” he said.

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