There had been rumors about Hollywood superstar Sylvester stallone's death recently. But the "Rocky" star took to Instagram and shared a jolly family video to convey his fans that he is still alive and punching!

He joked with his fans on false rumors of his death that had swept the social media and the internet, and said, “It is quite great to come back from being dead.”

Stallone uses Instagram to banish the news of his death

The actor uploaded a video on Instagram, of himself spending time with Sophia and Sistine – his daughters. This video seems to be a proof of the star being ‘alive.’

What the Instagram video shows about Stallone

The video clip showed the two daughters of the 71-year-old Sylvester Stallone running here and there, and when the camera turned, he said, “That’ll teach ‘em”.

He also captioned the video clip as “Locking daughters outside when there is a small hail storm… It is quite good to come back from the Dead”.

By posting this clip, he confirmed his fans that he is definitely alive and perfectly fine and also asked them to ignore the stupidity. Furthermore, he stated to always grab your life to the throat and never let it go till you succeed.

After a fake online article about the death of Sylvester came, the whole internet was filled with RIP messages. But now, it seems this video will give his fans a sigh of relief for sure.

The actor's brother, Frank also took to Twitter and expressed his disappointment over the false news. He wrote that he and his 96-year-old mother were very upset with the fake post today.

This is not the first time that death hoax news of various celebrities has been floating. Before this even false death news of Hollywood stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan also were floated. And the actors had to issue a statement on social media that they were still alive.