Bollywood Actress Sridevi’s untimely demise has left all cine-goers in a state of great shock and dismay. How could God be so cruel to have taken such a gorgeous and talented heroine from this creation as early as just 54 years?

She was an actress beyond comparison. Perhaps God sent her to this creation to mesmerize the audience with her gorgeous looks, expressive and beautiful eyes and charming persona.

Sridevi was first superstar heroine in Bollywood

She was the first superstar heroine in Bollywood. She was streets ahead of her contemporaries in the ways how to project differently in each and every role.

She was never typecast in the roles she played in all 300 movies she did, be it in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and so on.

She could be very sensuous with her voice modulation. With the kind of child-like expression, she would blink her eyes, and she left the audience absolutely spell-bound.

In real life, she was a shy and introverted person. But when it came to acting, she became totally a different person the moment she entered into the character of a role.

Apsara descended from Swarg to enthrall the cine-goers

It looks that this ‘Apsara’ was specifically descended from Swarg to this creation by God to enthrall the movie goers. Watching the movies of such stars leaves a magnanimous imprint on the mind of the audience – the way they evolve themselves in the role and the ease with which they act the character.

There is a history of producing beautiful heroines from southern India, be it Hema Malini, Jaya Prada or even Sridevi. Their diction often carries a hint of southern curry. Same was the case with Sridevi too.

Acting was in her genes

Acting was in Sridevi’s genes, as a result, she was plunged into acting at an early age of 13-years-old.

As she grew in age and stature, she picked up finer points of acting skills and raised the bar of her acting prowess.

Scripts written on heroine-oriented movies because of her stardom

When an actor or actress reaches a particular level of stardom, the moviegoers invariably watch the movies in which he or she features. In her lifespan too, she reached that level of greatness and the writers started writing scripts based on heroine-oriented movies for her and those movies turned out blockbusters at the box office.

Void hard to fill-in

The void left because of her departure from this creation shall be hard to fill-in by any other actress. She shall be remembered for the work she performed and adored for her lasting impression as no other heroine has ever been.

To perform her last rights, all the biggies from the film fraternity in India throng the cremation ground to pay their last respect to the departed actress.

She was rightly rewarded with state honor by the Government.