Hollywood director Christopher Nolan is now in India. Nolan, who is renowned for movies such as “Inception,” “Interstellar,” the “Dark Knight” trilogy and the most recent “Dunkirk,” could possibly be making an India-centric movie, reports claim. Nolan was accompanied by his wife Emma Thomas and visual designer, Tacita Dean.

The director on Friday also met with South Indian actor-director Kamal Haasan. They met for dinner during the seminar on 'Reframing the Future of Film' event hosted in Mumbai.

Kamal Haasan, on Twitter, shared a photograph of him striking a conversation with Nolan.

The actor said that he apologized to the director for watching only the digital version of “Dunkirk.” To make up for it, he said he would be offering Nolan a digital version of “ Hey Ram.”

Nolan took the South Indian actor by surprise when he said he watched his “Paapanaasam.”

Enjoying India

The Hollywood director also enjoyed his Indian food at The Taj Mahal restaurant in New Delhi. “The Taj Mahal is proud to have hosted the iconic #ChristopherNolan and his family at Wasabi by Morimoto,” tweeted the luxury Indian restaurant.

Director Nolan also visited the Mumbai museum with his family.

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