kannada movie “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa” is an all-out entertainer but is unable to recreate the magic its predecessor created. One reason could be the lack of a credible storyline and predictable punch lines, and songs of mediocre quality make this film less worthy than its illustrious predecessor. Songs were one of the highlights of its predecessor “Johnny Mera Naam, Preethi Mera Kaam.”

Director Preetham Gubbi feels that people loved the first part and in the second part, there is scope for more creativity since there are more characters. Describing the run-up to the two films, Preetham revealed that huge sets were created and entire streets and colonies named after religion.

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Sadhu Kokilla becomes a doctor, and "Thithi" fame Channegowda is also there in a unique role. Vijay and Rangayana Raghu will be enacting numerous roles. While in the first edition saw Rangayana Raghu playing one character but here we have Vijay’s character enacting five different roles.

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Some roles have been revealed, for example, one of the roles is of Lord Ram avatar. Another role which was revealed was of a commando, and the rest of the three roles audience will see in the theaters.

The songs by Ajanesh Lokanath are right, and the film is technically wonderful.

Cinematographer Karunakar has captured the rustic beauty of the sets. “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa” in a nutshell is an entertaining flick but it could not match its predecessor’s glory.