Kannada movie “Tagaru” starring Shivaraj Kumar, Bhavana Menon, and Manvitha Harish was released in theatres across India on February 23, 2018. The movie was well received by the viewers and critics alike who gave the movie an above average rating.

This much-awaited Duniya Suri and Shiva Raj Kumar collaboration has succeeded in meeting the expectations of their fans. This movie has received a large outpour of positive review as it has all the right ingredients such as action, riveting dialogues, and great acting along with a commendable script and screenplay.

The actors have done justice to their role by adapting well to this action crime based movie, which takes the viewer’s deep into the gruesome underworld.

ACP Shiva charges head-on into the ruthless Bangalore underworld

The movie is about an officer who tries to clean out the underbelly of the underworld in Bengaluru. A cruel, heartless and gruesome bunch of goons and a mafia king named Dolly, has to face this fearless ACP. Manvitha is seen portraying the role of a drug using hippie who falls heads over heels with the stone-faced and serious Shiva. The crime drama stands out from other movies with the same cat chasing mouse storyline due to the suspense it offers.

Public response

Box-office collections

On the day of its release, the movie earned around Rs 4 crore, and Rs 5 crore on day two, Rs 5.5 crore on the third day (Sunday).

The initial few days seemed to be favorable to the film as the days passed the collection decreased with declining public interest.

It screened across more than 350 theatres in Mumbai, Kerala, Hyderabad, and Kolkata apart from Karnataka. "Tagaru" had no international releases hence it did not create a wave in international markets.