In Bollywood, a collection of Rs 100 crores is considered the benchmark for a film to be labeled a super hit. Considering that on an average a blockbuster with top star cast can set a producer back by 75-100 crores a 100 crore revenue collection in the first few weeks of the release of the film is a pointer to its popularity. The film trade magazine Koimoi has published the figures for the film "Raid." It has brought out that the film is inching towards the 100 crore mark and has collected Rs 81 crore in the first two weeks of its release.

Raid a success

The film starring Ajay Devgn is a success at the box-office. It brings out the consistency of the star who has rarely given a flop.Most of his films do reasonably well, and though he does not come anywhere near the three Khans, he does have a fan following of his own. Director Raj Kumar Gupta will be a happy man as now he can look forward to furthering films in Bollywood with confidence.

"Raid" was unlike other Devgn films as it had very little violence. But after an initial slack opening, the film picked up during the weekend and with Easter and Ramnami coming, the audience showed their appreciation for the film by thronging to the cinema halls. Devgn must have been apprehensive about the film but now that it is a hit would be a great relief to him.

The film set in the eighties in Lucknow revolves around Ajay Devgun who plays an IAS officer who authorizes a raid on a businessman.

Ajay Devgun

The film is sans violence which is the trademark of Devgn's films. He is a fine actor, and even now one can recollect he played the role of Bhagat Singh in the film of the same name with aplomb.

His "Singham" series were hit at the box office, and Devgn who played the role of a police cop named Bajirao won a lot of accolades for his rendering of the role.

Some of the other films released during this period, which had much smaller budgets like "Hichki" with Rani Mukherjee and " Sajjan Singh Rangroot" with Diljit Dosanjh have also recovered their costs of production.

One will have to see how the new film by Tiger Shroff fares at the box office. He stars with his real-life love Disha Patni in the film.

Coming film

The public's interest is now focussed on the Aamir Khan - Amitabh Bachchan starred " Thugs of Hindostan." Stills of the lead actors have been released, and they have fired up the fans. The clash between Amitabh and Aamir will reverberate like the echo in a canyon for a long time to come. This film could be aiming for a business close to 1000 crores.