"Pari" starring Anushka Sharma was released in India and across the world on Friday, March 2, 2018.

It is the second time that Anushka has enacted the role of a spooky character. She had played the role of a good spirit in “Phillauri” earlier but has decided to play evil in “Pari” and the lass who has just tied knots with the cricketing legend, Virat Kohli, apparently wants to do something different and unconventional.

Poor script a let down

Anushka plays the role of Rukshana with a great deal of enthusiasm, and she looks really spooky with a battered face, a bruised and bloodshot eyes, blood spewed all over her body for a major part of the flick.

However, her acting is handicapped by a poorly scripted flick which is so scatterbrained that the viewer finds himself in the center of a jigsaw which could be easily solved. Poor Parambrata Chatterjee who viewers remembered as the young and incredibly lovable police officer in “Kahani” cannot salvage the flick.

Unconnected events make the flick weak

However, the flick rarely rises above the level of mediocrity and often falls to the levels of silliness.

Take the plot which refers to some incidents of the yore in Bangladesh which is hardly a credible reason to be included in the main plot. There are a lot of spirits and gore leached in blood and high octet screams. However, in the end, the viewer is more drained due to the dreariness of the tale than horror.

Proud Virat Kohli tweeted that this is his wife's best work ever!

Though the trailer does not give out much still it is easy to guess that Anushka seems to be a part of a cult related to the occult.

Soon destiny destines Parambrata Chattopadhyay to cross her path, and all hell breaks loose. Anushka in her supposed blood chilling role seems to overdo her part a bit, and this is something which irks the viewer.

Plenty of gore

The other female character is Bengali actress Ritabhari Chakraborty, who plays Parambrata's love interest in the film. However their scenes together often seem unnecessary. Rajat Kapoor plays a pivotal role in the flick. The scene where he pulls out his eyeball and puts it in a glass of water is truly repulsive. His character which is pivotal in the horror flick could have been better developed.

Scary faces covered in black keeps coming in the trailer but it does not move the horror meter, and one will have to watch the film to connect different scenes.

If “Pari” does not scare the viewer, it does unsettle him. There are a couple of disturbing scenes, and the one which makes the viewer nauseous is the birthing scene from the trailer. There are a lot of loud screams, meant to startle you but is hardly successful in its purpose.

Anushka does everything, from jumping like a witch to hanging like a bat and even biting a dog but hardly looks convincing.

Watch trailer:

Be warned that there is plenty of gore and bloody twists. The gray pallor and the constant drizzle do seem to look like a perfect setting of doom and horror. The film takes on with its purpose to make the viewer cringe very early in the flick when the car of Parambrata Chatterjee driven by his father, hits an old woman, and that sets the film in motion. Rukhsana’s entry is shockingly lifelike and sends a cold shiver down the spine of the viewer. She is vile, vicious, and vulnerable at the same time.

Public response

“Pari” is the third flick as a producer after “NH 10” and “Phillauri” and she could be credited with not repeating herself and it is to be seen how successful she is in the latest venture.

Horror has never been accepted wholeheartedly by the Indian audience except for a brief flash of the pan like “Jani Dushman” or “Raaz.” The film has been lavishly made with no stinginess on the part of the producer.

Box-Office collections

The first day's box-office collections are expected to be in the range of Rs 10-12 Crores. Stay tuned for the exact figures.