Ajay Devgn starrer “Raid” is going steady and at the end of the sixth day has earned Rs 58.39 crores. The slick film which is based on a new subject has been gaining strength with each passing day after the word of the mouth praise about excellent acting and a stellar performance by other character actors helping the flick earn.

With weekends around the corner, the flick is expected to garner more earnings. The flick which also stars Saurabh Shukla collected Rs 5.36 crores on Wednesday.

Public response

The Ajay Devgn flick is high on drama, and less on the actual action is taut and engrosses the viewer till the final few meters.

The rapidly changing fortunes from triumph to failure shame and then finally as the adage said that “Truth Prevails” wrenches the guts and make the viewer emotionally tired.

The flick which was released on March 16 seems unstoppable and maintains its steady climb at the box-office collections. With Rani Mukherjee's “Hichki” released, it needs to be seen if it affects the box-office fortunes of “Raid.” However, the chances are less since the genre of both the flicks though social is entirely different.

The full details of the collection for the six days are as follows-

Fri 10.04 cr,

Sat 13.86 cr,

Sun 17.11 cr,

Mon 6.26 cr,

Tue 5.76 cr,

Wed 5.36 cr.

Total: 58.39 cr

Ajay has been experimenting a lot and has done films of almost all genre including action, comedy, socially relevant and romantic. Ajay also feels that the audience has also matured and today the producer is willing to experiment and risk making films on such varied and risky topics like corruption.