The long-awaited film "Sajjan Singh Rangroot" has finally been released. Along with its release in India the film has been released in the UAE also. The much-hyped movie has opened to good business. Considering the limited budget of the film, it appears to have had a reasonably good start on the very first day.

Trade watchers have reported that the film garnered Rs one crore on the first day. GK Mint has opined that the film is expected to do a business of Rs 5-6 crores by the weekend and will easily overshoot its cost. It will be a successful film and another hit from Dilip Dosanjh.

True story

The film which is based on a true story depicts the life of Sikh soldiers of the British Indian Army when they were sent to France during the First World War. At that time the British were involved in a life and death struggle with the German Empire led by Emperor Wilhelm II also known as the Kaiser. The Raj was omnipotent in India, and the British used their Indian resources and transported Indian troops to France to fight Germany.

The lead role is played by Dilip Dosanjh, one of the best actors to have emerged from Punjab. He has found ready acceptance in Bollywood, and he has played some pivotal roles in Mumbai films. Dilip appears on screen as a traditional Sikh replete with turban and beard and despite this has endured himself to audiences in India and the vast Indian diaspora abroad in the UK and Canada

Unsung chapter

The story of the Sikh soldiers fighting for the Crown has never been told.

It is one of the unsung chapters of Indian history. This was primarily due to the approach of the Congress Party which never acknowledge the bravery of the Sikh soldiers. This changed when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. During his visit to France, he paid homage at the graves of the fallen soldiers of the Indian Army buried in France

The film is a timely reminder of the contribution of Sikh soldiers who helped the British win the war against Germany.

Dilip Dosanjh has done the role of his life as a Sikh soldier from a remote village in Punjab drafted by the British and sent to France.Another role that catches attention is that of Yograj Singh who plays the role of the NCO who motivates the soldiers to fight the Germans. This is important because many Sikh soldiers are filled with the thought of what will happen to their contribution in this war will there be remembered and will their sacrifice be helpful in the cause of India's freedom.

Last word

"Sajjan Singh Rangroot" is a slick film and appears that it will click at the box office. This will be another feather in the cap of Dilip Dosanjh who really carries the film on his shoulders