According to Hallyu fans, South Korean celebrity couple Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo will announce the ‘big news’ sometime this year. Fans of the SongSong couples are waiting with bated breath for “baby news.”

Many fans, who have been watching recent photographs and videos of the couple, noticed that the actress Song Hye-Kyo has been looking fragile lately. Speculations are running wild over her pregnancy.

Actor Song Joong-ki, last year, made it clear that he is ready to be ‘dad’ and wants to spend quality time with his family. Although the actor fulfilled a part of his promise (spending time with his beautiful wife), fans are waiting for the next big announcement.

Posting a video of the famous celebrity couple, a loyal fan posed a question that’s on everyone’s mind. “Why do I feel like [Song Hye-Kyo] is so fragile these days? Been watching the photos and video fancams today, my gut feel is really telling me something.And I know the big announcement is coming soon,” tweeted Mabz, a loyal fan of the Hallyu power couple.

Photoshopped images of the SongSong couple’s baby, and in some cases, babies, are trending on social media platforms.

The couple even won the poll for the most-awaited celebrity baby. According to research firm PanelNow’s survey, the SongSong couple grabbed the top spot, winning over 53.3 percent votes.

SongSongCouple babies will be cutest,” tweeted a fan.

The actress also received a lot of love on social media with one user posting, “Goddess of Beauty Lorraine Song/Song Hye Kyo.

Keep it up for being a natural beauty. I hope you can have a little song soon.”

Song Hye-Kyo too has been acting very mysterious by not coming out with her beau in the open. The only time they were spotted by fans was when the couple is enjoying a private time with their family and friends.

Actor Joong-Ki to make a comeback

Song Joong-Ki, who disappeared from the Hallyu Entertainment scene after his much-awaited wedding to his ''Descendants of the Sun'' star Song Hye-Kyo, is all set to make a comeback.

His agency, Blossom Entertainment, confirmed that the actor has received an offer for a historical drama called "Asadal," but the actor is still mulling over whether to accept the project or not. Many fans have shown their support for the project. “I’m not really a fan of historical drama, I watched just a few of it such as Sungkyunkwan scandal and Hwarang but if Joong-ki decided to accept this project then hundred percent I'm gonna support and watch this drama. Always here to support my favorite SongSongCouple,” tweeted a fan.

Song Joong-Ki's last project was the blockbuster movie, ''The Battleship Island," which went on to get a whopping 86 percent approval rating. In a recent ranking, actor Song Joong-ki scored the top position in the list of entertainers who were fans of other celebrities before they became a star.

Although Song Joong-Ki starred in a couple of cameos like the ones in ''Man to Man," he did not undertake any full-fledged project after "Battleship Island." His marriage to Song Hye-Kyo last year was yet another reason he did not accept new projects, as he had made it clear several times during his interviews with the media that he wanted to spend more time with his family than on the sets.

The SongSong couple, who got married in October last year, haven’t made a public appearance yet. Although fans were hoping to see them at the annual KBS Drama Awards in December, they did not show up. Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo attended the Dior Fashion show in January.

The couple was recently spotted at the play, “Richard III” that was held at Seoul Arts Center in Seocho district.