“Rajaratham” is built against the backdrop of the vexed question of politics between Andhra, Karnataka states. However, the lack of a storyline and the lengthy first-half makes the flick less watchable. Right from the beginning with voice over of Rana Daggubati as Rajaratham (a travel bus) Kannada – Telugu bilingual has been creating a buzz for some time before hitting the screens.

The romantic comedy has Arya, Nirup Bandari, and Avanthika Shetty as the main characters. The flick will primarily appeal to the younger generation. The flick is directed by Anup Bhandari and has been produced under the banner of Jolly Hits Production.


The story unveils two characters Nirup (Abhi) and Avantika (Megha) who board a bus known as “Rajaratham,” and as the name suggests, the boarders of the bus are different characters, each with their background and darkness. There are also with shades of grey and crystal pure innocence.

There is another story going in parallel-a young rebel leader Vishwa (Arya) and who is entrusted a task.

How the love affair of Nirup (Abhi) and Avantika (Megha) progresses and how it is affected by Vishwa is the crux of the story.

The flick looks just a shadow of the “RangiTaranga,” the thriller which the Bhandari brothers had brought almost three years ago. Even the unique screen presence of Nirup was wasted by some inconsistent storyline by Anup Bhandari.

The flick is still regarded as the harbinger of new line Kannada cinema. Check out the review of Kannada "Rajaratha' on Blasting News here.

“Rajaratha” is written and directed by Anup Bhandari and the main protagonist is Nirup Bhandari as Abhi, a happy-go-lucky guy with a heart and hence born in the wrong era. He is not having much of grey matter and is a person who is always at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Audience response

So he can trip while carrying coffee and spills it over the head of a hot-headed man. Joining him in his venture is Avantika Shetty’s Megha. It is here that reason goes out of the window and no one asks the question – What is she doing in an engineering college and how come she fell for an as useless guy named Suraj?

Coming to the stars, Nirup is going to become the next star in the industry. His facial expressions are just amazing and so are his dancing moves. He is the only flash in an otherwise ordinary storyline, and he must be credited for doing his homework. He has improved a lot after his last film “Rangitaranga.”

Coming to his love interest, Avantika Shetty did a pretty good job, and she looked stunning.

Both were ably supported by Vinaya Prasad, and Ravishankar and both actors gave top notch performance. The crowning glory was Rana Daggubati’s voice over which was witty and laced with satire as well as humor.

The film

Technically the film is perfect, and nothing more needs to be done. The editing has been crisp, and all other technical aspects of the film are subtle. The music and art direction are also top notch. The only lacking in the otherwise perfect cinema is its lax screenplay.

The film looks lax at places and boring in some scenes.

“Rajaratham” still could have been better even though the flick has everything in proper doses. The characters are well chiseled. The people in the bus, the dialogues and the whole bus journey itself are a journey which though necessary could have been much more comfortable.

Though there are many scenes which could have been chopped or deemed unnecessary, the climax is riveting and gives Goosebumps to the audience. It is one of the best scenes and the director has written it very well. The social message also gets bang into the target.


There are positive reviews all-over for both Kannada and Telugu editions of the film. The flick is also doing well in the United States with the box-office stats yet to come.

Due to the excellent word of mouth, the weekends are expected to have better occupancy rates.

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