After Amitabh Bachchan brought to the screen the role of the angry young man in the early seventies, only Salman Khan came close to being an action hero.Salman is getting on in years, and it's a moot point how many years more he will last as an action hero. Bollywood could thus do with another action hero.

Tiger shroff, the son of veteran actor Jackie Shroff, is one of the contenders for Bollywood's action hero. To be to be fair to Tiger, he has the muscular build and dash to be an action hero. He is a natural stuntman and in the movie "Baaghi 2" executes breathtaking stunts with great elan.

However, Tiger Shroff has greatly damaged his chances of being the new Bollywood action hero with the release of his latest film. Most critics of the film have given it just 1.5 out of a possible five stars. One critic writing in one of the film magazines has called it 150 minutes of a test of patience of the viewer. The Hindustan Times has not given a flattering review of the film and claims "Baaghi 2" is a big disappointment.

Thin storyline

The first thing that comes to mind after watching the movie is its inordinate length. Maybe a bit of slick editing could have done the trick. The film has a number of good actors like Manoj Bajpai, but somehow they are unable to be assets to the film. Perhaps the problem is that the movie has a very thin storyline and is just centered around the stunts and action scenes of Tiger.

This makes it a disjointed film, and after watching one stunt of Tiger, one gets a feeling that you have seen everything.

The movie

The story of an army major teaming up with a long lost love played by Disha Patni to fight the gangsters in Goa could have been handled better. With all the drug dealings shown in Goa, the movie cannot be an advertisement for a tourist to visit Goa.

The usual Russians and Nigerians are shown, but they somehow don't look real characters.

The movie may or may not be a commercial success, but Tiger Shroff needs a better launch vehicle to showcase his talent. He is a wonderful actor with a bronzed body and its a pity in this film all he has to do is fight as the storyline is thin.

The dialogues also jar on the audience, and some lines are insipid.


Tiger Shroff is just beginning his career in Bollywood, and at his age, he doesn't have much competition. There are not many action heroes around though Ranveer Singh is simply great. In roles in films like "Baji Rao Mastani" and Allauddin in "Padmavat," he has already carved a place for him. The clue is the roles allotted to him. Tiger has to similarly to select roles that don't make the audience yawn.