The famous British writer and film critic Peter Bradshaw once said, "science fiction has produced some of cinema's boldest and most glorious flights – in every sense. Maybe something in the limitless possibilities of cinema itself spawned sci-fi."

Science-fiction movies have been now becoming the most popular genre; even in India. Indian cinema has been producing science-fiction since the 20th century. But now it has established its roots remarkably, in Bollywood.

In 1952, the first Indian science-fiction movie was released, the film "Kaadu." It was a Tamil-American co-production and this film was about an excursion to find the cause of strange behavior of animals in a peculiar area.

As it turned out, the reason for this abnormal behavior was an invasion of wooly mammoths. This film is the first science fiction film in India.

Indian cinema has had its rendezvous with sci-fi and some of them are created marvelously. They have occupied a special place in the hearts of the viewers, and it’s hard to just forget their presence.

So here’s a list of those movies which are the all-time popular Science fiction movies of Indian cinema. Some are bedazed, some exorbitant but every film on this list deserves a watch...

5. 'Mr. X in Bombay' (1964)

Kishor Kumar and Kumkum starer movie directed by Shantilal Soni is counted as the first famous science fiction movie of Bollywood. Though one or two movies also released in 1960 which were called as sci-fi named "Superman" and "Return of Mr. Superman" both featuring Jairaj as the lead hero and both were released in 1960.

But the mark that "Mr. X in Bombay" left on the conscious of the public is un-comparable! This movie was on the list of highest grossing films of the year 1964. Kishore Kumar’s "Mr. X in Bombay" was the Invisible Man story with romantic-comedy treatment, which was the novice for the audience at that time.

4. 'Mr. India' (1987)

"Mr.India" is the first Super-Duper-Hit science-fiction movie of Bollywood that encouraged the producers to touch the science fiction stories ahead. This movie is included in all the lists that are created by the critics to reveal the Best Bollywood Movies. Lead roles were played by Anil Kapoor and Sridevi.

This classic from the eighties is one of the few sci-fi films to be produced in India; incidentally, it is also one of the best. Directed by Shekhar Kapur of "Elizabeth" fame "Mr. India" is one of his earlier works. The cinematography may not be great but the rest sure is! An interesting and intelligent story that makes for full-on family entertainment. This movie will make you smile laugh and cry and bring out all the other various emotions in you.

There is a survey done by 'TimeOut' London that enlists the Top 100 Bollywood movies of all time and claims "Mr.India" on the 16th no.rank. At the 2013 Filmfare Awards, 25 years after the release of the Mr.India, Sridevi was honored with a special award for her comic performance (Charlie Chaplin) in "Mr. India".

3. 'Koi Mil Gaya' (2003) and 'Krrish' series (2006-2013)

After a long time, it was 2003 when a major science-fiction movie got released and attracted the public and critics as well. This movie proved to be the milestone of the journey of science fiction in India. Directed by Rakesh Roshan, "Koi Mil Gaya" is; in a sense; the first movie that kick-started the flood of sci-fi movies in the Bollywood.

This film was released in 2003 and is Bollywood’s first film about aliens. The major theme of the film is about the emotional bond between an intellectually disabled boy and an alien. After the boy uses the machine invented by his father to communicate with some aliens, the aliens respond and arrive on the Earth.

They mistakenly leave one young, little, sweet alien behind. The film beautifully depicts the bond between the alien and the disabled boy, and how the alien helps the boy become the smartest of all. "Koi Mil Gayaa" is followed by "Krrish" & "Krrish 3".

"Koi Mil Gaya" and "Krrish" series were seen following 'The Avengers' pattern, they show smashing cities and celebrating mutated superhumans.

The essence of these films reck-on the assumption that extra-terrestrial life does exist and that they’ll be advanced enough to employ telekinetic and advanced bio-engineering techniques. The "Krrish" series is perhaps the most loved science fiction series of Bollywood.

2. 'Robot' (2010)

Rajnikanth’s and Shankar’s science fiction epic, "Enthiran" or "Robot", whichever version one see, find it a sweeping epic of scientific creative ideas. This film took the Indian science fiction genre to a new level.

Although the story adapted from a Kannada film; the mesmerizing scenes and technology applied in this film made it one of its kind. The movie depicts the journey of a scientist who develops an android that exhibits human emotions.

The story becomes interesting when the Android falls in love with the scientist’s girlfriend. All of a sudden this scientific creation becomes a danger to the human society. Whether the scientist is able to cease it or not creates the rest of the story. In terms of both concept and execution, this film is definitely one of the epics from an Indian filmmaker.

1. 'Ra-One' (2011)

Shahrukh Khan's "Ra.One" is no doubt the best science fiction created in Bollywood. Though few critics'list drawbacks of the movie, the fan-club of Ra.One still loves the movie. The director Anubhav Sinha has presented a nice blend of story, technology, comedy, and emotions in this film, and it is this cocktail that makes the film memorable.

And the fans of "Ra.One" love to see the movie again and again.

This movie was trashed hard by some critics, for its formula-friendly approach, the fact is "RA.One" was definitely a brave attempt at science fiction imagination. The hero and the villain both came out of a video game. And the story is so gripping, music & technical scenes are so catchy that audience enjoyed the whole movie.

Although it collected some handsome amount at the Box Office, "Ra.One" isn’t considered as successful as the "Krrish" franchise. And it was because the film’s concept is beyond its time for Indians.

Perhaps Indians aren’t used to the gaming universe as the Western countries do. Shahrukh Khan’s dream project "Ra.One" is basically a film that takes two characters from the gaming universe and put them against each other in the real world. While Ra.One is the super-villain, G.One is the superhero and the only thing that can stop Ra.One.

Except for these 5 top science fictions, "Elaan" (1971), "Tarzan - The Wonder Car" (2004), "Action Replayy" (2011), "Love Story 2050" are a few more remarkable movies which are noticed by the audience. All these science-fiction Bollywood movies deserve at least one watch.