Ranbir Kapoor is one of the upcoming stars in Mumbai. He belongs to the Kapoor family which has dominated Bollywood for close to eight decades. Names like Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, and Shammi Kapoor are almost like legends in the world of cinema. Ranbir Kapoor was into a relationship with Katrina Kaif, but for some reason, they broke up. During this period Ranbir came in contact with Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. The duo has been seen together smoking cigarettes in the company of each other in New York. It is rumored that the stars are in a relationship and maybe in love with each other.

This affair is commented upon by SKJBollywood news, but marriage is not confirmed.

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is a beautiful Muslim Pakistani actress. She is the heartthrob of millions in Pakistan and has one son from an earlier marriage which ended in divorce in 2015. Mahira was seen in the Bollywood film "Raees" opposite Shahrukh Khan. Despite the film being a hit, Mahira could not get any more roles in Bollywood. This was because of a political ban by the local Shivsena party which did not like Pakistani film stars to be given any roles in Bollywood.


Mahira Khan is now 33 years old while Ranbir Kapoor is 35. Both the stars met when Mahira was in Bombay and was immediately attracted to each other.

This has been the basis of a close relationship which has not been acknowledged by both the stars. Mahira excludes tremendous appeal and no wonder Ranbir Kapoor has been following her all around. Viral pictures of the duo have emerged on the net and social media and no confirmation is required that the two look like to be made for each other

Ranbir Kapoor is a bachelor and though his name has been romantically linked with a number of Bollywood stars Ranbir is still single.

Ranbir, however, has not reached the top rung of Bollywood and despite some good hits and roles has some catching up to do to reach the top tier of stardom in Bollywood

The breakup with Katrina Kaif has left him empty, and perforce a woman has to enter his life. Mahira Khan who was also passing through a similar phase found Ranbir Kapoor and both of them have hit off well together.


Nobody knows whether this relationship between Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor will lead to something more deeper. The photos of the two stars are doing the rounds of social media and people are speculating as to their future. In case both are involved in a deep relationship it will be good for both India and Pakistan who for no rhyme or reason are daggers drawn. Mahira will also get a chance to get more films in Mumbai as the scope for her is very limited in Pakistan