“Kammara Sambhavam” is a Malayalam movie directed by Rathish Ambat which was released on April 13, 2018. The film stars Dileep, Namitha Pramod, Bobby Simha and Murali Gopy as main protagonists supported by Murali Gopy, Siddharth, Shraddha Srinath, and Vinay Fort.

“Kammara Sambhavam” is a political and satirical film and is no way connected with the epic poem by Kalidasa, Kumara Sambhavam though many can derive an ironical similarity, the birth of the principal protagonist, Kumara for the destruction of evil.

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The film carries a distinctly political undercurrent and uses the best methods in storytelling and cinematic art to tell the tale.

It, however, falters at certain stages but does not fall to the level of boredom. The intentions of the mixed character of Kammara which sometimes even touches the border of grey keeps the audience interested.


The flick is divided into two half. The first is the birth and development of Kummara into a cunning youth with willful intents while the second half deals with a wrinkled and cranky Kummara. The film is important because it is the first film after the jail term of Dileep who plays Kummara.

Dileep was arrested in the infamous actress assault case. The film is also the Malayalam debut of Tamil Siddharth. The film also brings together Dileep – Namitha Pramod pair who has collaborated in the past and gave many successful films like ‘Chandrettan Evideya’ ‘Sound Thoma.’ and ‘Professor Duncan.’

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