Soon after the #MeToo campaign that took the internet by storm, many Bollywood celebrities came ahead and talked about their sexual abuses which they had to go through in the industry. The most recent celebrities who opened up in this regard is Marathi artiste Usha Jadhav and Bollywood actress Radhika Apte. Both of them have made some astounding statements on 'Bollywood's Dark Secret', an international documentary which will be aired on BBC World this weekend.

Below is the image of Bollywood actress Radhika Apte and Marathi film star Usha Jadhav

Radhika said that in Bollywood people are very influential.

Some of them are even considered as Gods. And because of these authoritative people, female actors often think that their opinion would hardly matter. The woman even feared that their career might be destroyed. Radhika said that #MeToo campaign has taken Hollywood by storm and she wished something similar should happen in Bollywood too.

The recent controversy on the casting couch

A few days back renowned choreographer Saroj Khan’s comments on sexual favors provoked controversy in the industry.

She made her comment in return for a query on Telugu actor Sri Reddy. Recently Ms. Reddy stripped in objection to the casting couch practice in Telugu cinemas. With regard to this Saroj Kahan landed in a dispute following her remarks in favor of casting couch in Bollywood. She said that this has been prevalent for a very long time in the film industry.

She stated that at least the industry offers employment to the actress and doesn’t disregard somebody after raping them. This statement provoked debate in the entertainment industry. Later on, Saroj Khan said sorry for her remarks.

Usha Jadhav on the casting couch

Usha Jadhav is a Marathi National film award-winning actress.

She is well known for "Dhag," a 2012 Marathi film. She recounted her experience on sexual favors in the BBC documentary. She alleges that it is very common for someone who could provide her work to ask for unwanted physical contact. Describing one incident she said that she was once told to offer something in return if she wanted a role in a movie. Usha asserted that it is vital for abused girls to talk about casting couch. Unless more woman opens up their experiences, the casting couch trend would not come to an end.

Usha caused a buzz with her narrative on casting couch in BBC documentary. She was asked if she had any instances to disclose in the show. She said that it was an experience which she hides for a very long time.

BBC World is making a documentary on casting couch culture in Indian cinema. It was reported that the casting couch expose has hit America after Harvey Weinstein, the film producer has allegedly accused of sexual abuse by a number of Hollywood actresses. With the publication of these reports The Weinstein Company (he was the co-founder) terminated Harvey Weinstein and debarred from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Bollywoods Dark Secret’ will showcase how influential people take advantage from actors in return for work in the industry.

Usha Jadhav quoted that if more people come ahead it will assist in the #MeToo drive to reach film industry.