The United States and now London. Bollywood actor ranbir Kapoor and Pakistan's sensation mahira Khan are trying hard to keep their meeting under wraps. Rumors have it that the duo secretly met in London; Ranbir, who was shooting for "Brahmastra" in Bulgaria, stopped by in London whereas the movie crew went ahead leaving the actor behind. Ranbir stayed back to meet Mahira, who was also present in London for her ad shoot.

Pakistani actor Mahira met Ranbir and then rushed back to Pakistan for a friend's wedding.

The duo met last year after their photos of strolling on the streets of New York City surfaced on the Internet.

Pakistani actor Mahira in a white backless dress smoking a cigarette with Ranbir went viral on the internet. Both actors smoking and chilling looked quite comfortable in each other's company.

Twitterati couldn't keep calm...

Mahira was slut-shamed for smoking and wearing a backless dress and this sparked a row on social media. Misogynistic, and sexist reactions poured in from all corners against the Pakistani actor, clearly showing the double standards of the society. Not only Pakistanis but Indians were furious and called her cheap and vulgar.

The disgusting comments stooped too low, leaving no stone unturned to humiliate the actor.

But many of her co-actors came out in support of the actor. Ali Zafar wrote a heartfelt note shutting down slut-shamers.

Urwa Hocane, a well-known actor in Pakistan tweeted to show her support.

Finally, Ranbir joined the bandwagon and came out to support Mahira, and asked people to leave her alone.

Ranbir said he respects and admires Mahira for her achievements and it's very unfair the way she was judged. Extremely unhappy with the whole incident, he requested all to stop the negativity and move on.

Mahira, ahead of her film's release spoke at length about her privacy being violated and later apologised for her photos as she mentioned in an interview.

Mahira said she had never experienced something like that and it was the first time. She felt violated as her personal space was intruded and somebody just captured it.

She also felt bad for hurting the sentiments of people as she's extremely loved and treated with a lot of respect in Pakistan, and people do not want to see her in a certain way.

These days, Mahira is busy with her projects in Pakistan whereas Ranbir is looking forward to his upcoming film "Brahmastra" starring Alia Bhatt.