salman khan is one of the biggest stars of Bollywood. For the last two decades, he has been giving one hit after another. His name has come to be associated with he-màn and macho roles. Unfortunately what he is on the screen is unreal like most of the superheroes, he also has legs of clay. Salman Khan has just been convicted and jailed for five years for killing two blackbucks close to Jodhpur in 1998, where he had gone for a film shooting. At that time he never thought of the consequences of his act. The fact is his shooting two defenseless blackbucks was a heinous deed.

Youtube has leaked a photo of the superstar crying in the Jail. This, however, does not look to be authentic. Darpan magazine has reported that Salman was depressed in jail which is more likely.

Salman in the cell

Despite the best defense lawyers fighting for him. Salman could not get bail and had to spend two nights in the cell. One really does not know whether he realizes the gravity of his crime but once inside the jail his veneer of a macho man collapsed like a pack of cards. Salman who became prisoner number 105 was given a cell adjacent to Baba Asaram. The baba is being tried for multiple offenses of rape. As per reports received when the superstar was alone, he broke down and cried. This is not confirmed, but he was depressed.

This shows that the statement by Iron Fleming the creator of James Bond that in real life there are very few men who are tough holds true.


Many in the film industry in Bollywood have supported Salman Khan. Almost everybody feels he has been wrongly punished. This appears extremely silly when one considers that as a superstar he could have been a role model instead of acting like a criminal.

Jaya Bhaduri, the member of parliament of the Samajwadi Party and a former top actress, rightly commented that men like Salman Khan who are supposed to be so good and nice are expected to follow the law, and in case they break the law they must face the consequences.

One wonders whether these words have any meaning for Mr. Salman Khan who has lived a reckless life.

In a driving accident, he allegedly killed a couple of people. He was set free because the high court gave him the benefit of the doubt but the fact remains that eyewitnesses did point out that Salman was drunk, while at the steering wheel of the SUV.

The law of the land

Salman Khan should have been well aware of the laws of the land. It had repeatedly been stressed that ignorance of the law is no defense. In any case, one fails to understand how the macho image of Salman Khan could have been enhanced by killing two harmless black bucks. This shows an extremely heartless and careless approach to life.

It is about time the Indian courts call the bluff of celebrities like Salman Khan who break the law with impunity and then cry in their cell hoping to garner sympathy. There can be no sympathy for such offenders, and the entire nation will now look to the High Court to hear the case and mete out exemplary punishment to this Khan.