What happens when a biopic on a Bollywood superstar with a larger-than-life persona, a heart of gold, a heavy share of controversies and an interestingly colorful life, played by reigning Bollywood heartthrob is teased to the Hindi cinema lovers all over the world?

The fans go berserk, the one minute and 26 seconds seems to go too fast, and after each hit on the Youtube repeat button, June 29 seems to be too far from now.

The biopic is indeed one of the most-awaited movies of the year, to say the least.

The love, adulation, and obsession of Indian youth, especially girls, for the fast-rising Bollywood superstar and loverboy, Ranbir Kapoor, can only be matched by any one of the three Khans.

The Name is Dutt, Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt… love him or hate him but you simply can’t ignore him! Definitely not after considering that he is among the few original macho men of Bollywood who can give any fitness-crazy hunky actor a run for his money even today.

It is evident after the teaser of his biopic titled ‘Sanju’ was unveiled on 24th April. It has so far reached 14 million views in just 16 hours of the teaser release.

The teaser begins with a graying Sanjay Dutt, beautifully enacted by Ranbir, coming out of Yerawada jail and telling that the story of his life has been just like the game of snakes and ladders.

At the age 22, he started doing drugs, so much so, that doctors gave up hope on him.

After that, he started building his body that people started comparing him with Muhammad Ali.

He drove the best of cars, he even begged for a bus ticket on the street. He lived in some plushest hotels in the world; he also lived in some of the harshest prisons in the country.

After watching this teaser one would be definitely interested in knowing the life story of the most-loved rebellious star of Bollywood.

The original macho man

Blessed with good looks, great acting skills, tall stature and a unique deep voice (which he’d lent to some chartbuster songs, narrations, and voiceovers), he is the original rockstar ‘Rocky’ of Bollywood.

While Sanjay Dutt was battling legal cases against him, depression and going through the toughest time in his life, he remained unruffled and strong.

The rock solid support and love from his family and friends including Mahesh Bhatt, Lucky Ali, Raju Hirani, and Ajay Devgn helped him to fight all his worst phases in a dignified manner.

What to expect from the movie

A movie directed by Rajkumar Hirani and backed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra is something that comes once in a blue moon, wins the hearts, minds, and emotions of the viewers and critics, and makes solid business at the box-office.

This movie looks to meet the successes of the previous ventures of the director-producer duo, if not exceed them.

Apart from Ranbir Kapoor, the biopic has an ensemble of powerhouse performers such as Manisha Koirala playing the Late Nargis Dutt, Paresh Rawal in the role of Late Sunil Dutt, and Dia Mirza in the shoes of Manyata Dutt.