The Sri Reddy affair gets murkier with the Telugu film body called Movie Artistes’ Association declaring that action will be taken against anyone who is working with Sri Reddy or has any association with her.

Sri Reddy caused a sensation with her full monty act as a protest against the sexual exploitation of girls by producers and the prominent Whigs of the Telugu film industry.

Film association bans Reddy

The MAA meanwhile has cracked its whip and said that Sri Reddy’s application for registering on the MAA had been rejected. MAA said that Sri had not filled the forms correctly.

Sivaji Raja, president of MAA, said that then starlet was doing this for cheap publicity and there could be truth behind this statement. Sri Reddy was a nondescript C grade actress who acted in sleaze films. She was not known even in Andhra Pradesh, but with her bold act, she has become a national sensation.


Sri has continued her tirade against the Telegu Film industry. She has accused the son of a well known Telugu cinema producer of having sex with her without her will. She accused the industry of using the studios as brothels and places to exploit newcomers.

She also accused the North Indian actors of compromising indecent proposals and grabbing roles, something which domestic Telugu actresses will not do.

Responding to a recent ban by MAA, she asked on what basis was she banned? There are more than 900 members in MAA and decision cannot be taken by just one or two persons.

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