Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India. This festival which marks the return of the God Ram to his capital Ayodhya is celebrated by Hindus and even other faiths like Jains and Sikhs with great fervor. Producers of big-budget films generally release of their film during the Diwali festival.

Aamir Khan, the perfectionist, is shooting his film in Jaipur. The film also stars the great Amitabh Bachchan, who has dominated the Indian screen for almost four decades.

Aamir Khan is planning the release of his film during the Diwali holidays He, however, has competition as reported by the Hindustan Times that the South Indian Superstar Rajnikanth is also planning the release of his film "2.0" during the same period this film which also stars Akshay Kumar will thus clash with the Aamir Khan's film at the box-office.

Aamir Khan

The Indian public is looking forward to the release of both the films. Rajinikanth film will be shot in Tamil but will be dubbed in Hindi and other languages. He is almost like a demigod in Tamilnadu and as far as this state is concerned Rajnikant film will be a winner. On the other hand, the appeal of Aamir Khan is an actor who is greatly respected all over India as well as abroad. His last film "Dangal" did a business of Rs 1000 crores on the back of its showing in China.


Rajinikanth also has a vast following outside India among the Tamil diaspora. His film should do well abroad also, but it will have to be seen how the public in the rest of India like his film. Rajini is a great star, and his film has added muscle with the top Bombay hero Akshaye Kumar playing a significant role.

Akshay has his own following as well, and this will pull in the crowds outside Tamil Nadu.


Nevertheless, the Indian public can look forward to a very good feast of films during this Diwali. "Thugs of Hindostan" and "2.0" are both blockbusters and are expected to do at least 3 to 400 crores business. The initial start is very important, and it will be interesting to watch who scores more brownie points in this game

At the moment the edge seems to be with Aamir Khan's film as the still photos which he has released, of himself and Amitabh Bachchan have fired the imagination of the public.

Both the stars will be acting opposite each other for the first time, and this itself has aroused the curiosity of the masses.


Diwali the festival normally marks the defeat of the monster King Ravana but this Diwali there won't be anything like this as far as these two films are concerned as none of them is Ravana. Possibly both films will fare well at the box-office with an edge to Aamir Khan's "Thugs of Hindostan."