The global icon, Priyanka Chopra, has made every Indian proud of her work in the entertainment world. The diva, who was recently in India for a day, revealed that she had faced racism in the foreign country and had lost a movie because of her color.

Priyanka is one of the actresses who stand for women empowerment and talks about the gender discrimination at various events. Recently, in an interview with InStyle, the actress talked about how she got rejected for a Hollywood movie due to her skin color.

She revealed that the incident, which happened last year, affected her.

She was rejected because the makers had an issue with her "physicality". Priyanka further said that she didn't understand the meaning of that word and then, her agent explained it to her that it meant she lost the movie because of being brown.

While her statement impressed many on social media, there are a few who slammed PeeCee. A few of the Twitter users called Priyanka a "hypocrite" for endorsing fairness cream in India and then, complaining about losing projects due to her skin color in Hollywood. People even asked her to be thankful for receiving American TV series, "Quantico" and also, for being accepted in the foreign world.

This is not the first time, the actress shared her experience of facing racism.

Earlier, she had once said that a passenger on an international flight stopped her from using the business class washroom as the person assumed she was from economy class.

Twitter slams Priyanka Chopra

Twitter is divided on PeeCee's statement on skin color. Here are a few tweets:

Priyanka garners appreciation for her statement

Though PeeCee got a lot of flak due to her comment, there were many Twitter users who praised the diva.

Priyanka Chopra's photo with PM Narendra Modi

Priyanka recently visited New Delhi for a UNICEF event.

She was also clicked with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as she met him in regards to an upcoming conference of partnership for the healthcare of women, children, and adolescents. The actress looked breathtaking in a white anarkali.

But, once again, Priyanka got trolled for her photos with PM Modi as she wore a fully covered outfit, unlike the last time, which was a white dress. When the diva met the prime minister last time, Priyanka received a lot of flak for showing off her legs while sitting in front of PM Modi.

Though the actress took the trolls sportingly, this time she made sure not to give the haters a chance to point a finger at her. But trolls never stop and the beauty queen has been made fun of this time as well.

Priyanka posted a picture of the event and described her conversation with PM Modi "insightful."