ABHISHEK BACHCHAN is again in the news and for obvious reasons. Surely, trolls can't have it their way. Abhishek Bachchan has been the target of trolls for quite some time now, and with time he had shut them all.

This time around, a Twitter user had the nastiest comment for Junior Bachchan reminding him of his achievements in an indirect way.

So this guy's tweet became the talk of the town in no time as @juniorbachchan replied to him with...

What a comeback! Abhishek gave a befitting reply to the troller and was back in the game.

And this is not the only time Abhishek Bachchan has given back to trolls but done it in the past too.

A Twitter user with the handle '@shirjahan' made a remark on Aaradhya's appearance with her mom at a wedding in Mangalore, Karnataka. The mother-daughter duo wore a color-coordinated red lehenga at the wedding and within no time the photo went viral on the social media. She was called 'beauty without brains' in the making by the troll as she had been spotted with her mother Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at different events.

However, the tweet was later deleted.

And, Abhishek Bachchan replied in no time like a boss.

Another one being, Abhishek with daughter Aaradhya's meme which went viral on the internet.

The actor asked the user about his feeling post the tweet and to go back to the hole he came from.

The user later apologized but insisted on not being a huge fan of Junior Bachchan's movies.

The actor didn't really appreciate people dragging his daughter into the conversation and asked to keep her away from the madness.

There are several instances when Abhishek slayed like a true boss.

The user tweeted out 'Aishwarya had to marry tree so she could marry the rock'.

Abhishek wasn't tagged in the tweet but noticed within time.

The actor's witty comments garnered a lot of praise for him.

Then the troll gave in and appreciated the actor for his wittiness

Here's another incident that clearly shows Junior Bachchan is savage AF!

A Twitter user Bollywood G**** trolled Abhishek but the actor didn't give up instead called for a showdown. .


Abhishek replied...


When the user took a dig at Abhishek saying both have a lot in common except whatever little he has made -it's without papas help.

And then Bachchan came back with...

And then it went on and on...

More power to you, Junior Bachchan!

The actor has finished the shooting of "Manmarziyaan" which is set to release on September 7.