“102 Not Out” starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor will release in India and across the world on Friday, May 4, 2018. Mr Bachchan and Mr. Kapoor are again coming together after almost 27 years when they last joined hands in “Ajooba” which was produced by Shashi Kapoor.

It is some time since a film which could be enjoyed by the entire family has hit the screens. Umesh Shukla directed “102 Not Out” is one such film. The film will surely make the audience laugh and feel light-hearted.

About '102 Not Out'

The film has been described as the most unusual father-son story and has been adapted from of Gujarati play written by Saumya Joshi of the same name.

27 years is an unusually long time for anyone not to have worked together and this matter has been dwelt on in detail by Rishi Kapoor in his autobiography where he revealed that his relationship with Big B had its ups and downs. However all well that ends well, and these two thespians of Indian cinema are together again.

At a time when a fresh crop of young hunks are ruling the roost in Bollywood, the veteran actors are also going strong and making the competitors realize that they are still in contention.


Leading the old wine are Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan. The two are a phenomenon by themselves and have been regularly giving performances which have endeared the audience.

The upcoming film of the duo “102 Not Out” has already created a buzz and huge interest has been created in the mind of the audience.

Big B and Rishi Kapoor will be playing two aging Gujrati Oligarchs.

'102 Not Out' feature Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor as son and father and the poster bears the tagline-"Baap COOL beta OLD SCHOOL!"

Celebs at the film premiere

Tapsee Pannu, Ranbir Kapoor, and others were spotted.

Movie plot

The film chronicles the life and the times of Dattatreya and Babulal, an eccentric father-son duo played by Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor.

The daddy is 102 years old, and bumbling with life, and yearns to break the record of the most aged man alive — a 118-year-old Chinese. His son is 75 years old, and then son and father are alike as cheese and chalk. The son leads a life full of boredom and drudgery.

Umesh Shukla is known for his earlier flick,”OMG: Oh My God” and is a favorite director for his actors.

OMG was a cult film and broke many social and cultural taboos. Shukla is known for his out of the board ideas, and his latest venture bears testimony to this fact.

Amitabh Bachchan speaks about the film

Speaking about his role in the film, Amitabh who has already completed 50 years in the film industry, Big B feels that his ethics is not about breaking records but to do backbreaking work to do justice to his roles.

Amitabh himself is the son of a renowned father and legendary poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan, was asked to draw a comparison between him and his father and the character he was portraying.

Big B replied that the name Bachchan signifies distinction, worth, ingenuity and reverence and he would ever strive to carry his legacy forward and expect the next generation to do similar.

The film is very dear to director Umesh Shukla’s heart who feels that it is a celebration of life and age does not matter. The underlying message of the film is to understand and love our elders despite their shortcoming and idiosyncrasies.

Special screening

“102 Not Out” is presented and distributed globally by Sony Pictures Releasing International.

The film has been produced jointly by SPE Films India, Treetop Entertainment and Umesh Shukla’s Benchmark Pictures releases on May 4.

A special screening was held on Wednesday for Bollywood celebs who hailed the film on Twitter as one of its kind. Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan, the entire Kapoor clan was in attendance for the screening of the film.


The movie, made on a modest budget is expected to do very well at the box-office, both domestic and overseas. No other movies are releasing on Friday, so a decent week of around Rs 25-35 crores is expected. The exact box-office earnings will be updated as soon as they are available.

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