"Infinity War" has been long awaited by fans both by those who have read the comics and those who didn't. Ever since Thanos had been revealed in the post-credits scene of "The Avengers," there was a tremendous hype as to what the Mad Titan would bring to the Marvel universe."Black Panther" has set the build-up for the movie in February. Now that "Infinity War" has been out almost a week now, it has surpassed even the moon-sized hype that had started building all those years ago. Not only has it seen to a great finale for Phase III of the Marvel movies, but has set the stage for Phase IV even higher than before.

It gives a good ground for the movie to get Marvel to the Oscars once again, just as "Logan" and "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" before it. Here are the reasons why Marvel's latest release is the best one yet. Oh, and we are talking about the plot in detail so that spoilers will be ahead.

A major record breaker in box office

"Avengers: Infinity War" had started broken records even before the movie was released. The official trailer is the most watched movie trailer on Youtube of all time. "Infinity War" broke the record in the best box office opening weekend, previously held by "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," setting the bar at 245 million USD in just three days. The movie also broke the record in global earnings of all time, collecting $805 million worldwide in less than a week, reaching $ 1 billion in just eleven days, all before the premiere in China.

It has proven that Marvel has some big plans for future films and is certainly not going to disappoint the massive fan base anytime soon.

A dedicated cast

The movie has an impeccable cast of characters from every movie ever since Marvel released "Iron Man" in 2008. There are so many characters in the movie that listing them all may require another article on its own.

Each one, even those with minimal screen time, had been given a proper setting. The movie is not all about the plot which instills action and adventure, but also each actor and actress has played their role surprisingly well(Which I was worried about since there were only two directors for the entire star-studded cast). Even the CGI characters such as Groot and Rocket, played by Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper respectively, have their own moments in which they steal the show when on screen, every time.

The crew is also to be commended on the fantastic cinematography that had me holding my breath during each scene transition, the CGI that looked close to real(I physically reached out with my hand to stop Thanos from receiving the Time Stone), and the screenwriting which had the emotion of the scene well embedded.

A unique and engaging story

At 2 hours and 35 minutes, the movie is a stretch to sit through, not that you'll be sitting the whole time in excitement anyway. It picks up just after "Thor: Ragnarok," and picks up the pace neatly by introducing the Black Order in the opening itself. The plot answers many questions itching the back of the minds of fans from the previous installments in the series.

The Soul Stone was on Vormir under the protection of Red Skull himself. Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet was made in Nedavillier (which was the birthplace of Thor's Mjolnir). We also see how weapons fit for gods are actually made as the Stormbreaker is forged. Last, but not the least, Thanos' was able to find all the stones using the gauntlet itself. It also leaves a bit of question-related to the fate of certain characters such as Sif and Valkyrie, who can appear in any of the films in Phase IV. What most fans missed was the absence of Supergiant, a member of Thanos' Black Order, which may still be in the works for future movies.

Now, about that ending

Some people complained that the ending was a bit dark and confusing since Thanos clearly succeeded in his goal of wiping out half the life in the universe.

We see some of our most beloved Marvel characters disintegrate to dust. What most of the viewers missed was that as Thanos interacted with Gamora in what in the comics is called 'Soul Dimension' within the Soul Stone, he obviously talked to him post the destruction, and she was self-aware in knowing what it all cost him. This proves that there may still be a way to bring back all those lost because of Thanos' snap of his gauntlet. Perhaps this is why Doctor Strange tells Tony,"We are in the endgame now.", thus predicting that the surviving Avengers may bind together with Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps, whom Nick Fury sends an S.O.S. in the post-credits scene, and finally take down the Mad Titan for good.