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Grihalakshmi's cover changed the way we view covers

Innitiative taken by Kerala's leading women’s magazines, Grihalakshmi has magazine cover of breastfeeding a child without covering up.
An initiative taken by Kerala's leading women’s magazine, Grihalakshmi has a cover of an actress and model Gilu Joseph staring into the camera as she breastfeeds an infant with bold letters written on the caption “Moms tell Kerala- don’t stare, we want to breastfeed.” The magazine’s campaign is “breastfeed freely” which released on the occasion of International Women's Day. The magazine portrays that now in the 21st century we need to break the taboo and support women who breastfeed their baby publicly. The photo triggered the debate in India as some supporters supported the bold move taken by Grihalakshmi’s magazine to create awareness in the people. It’s a progressive step to break the taboo. Others felt that its an offensive business move that was taken by the Magazine to move its circulation as Kerala is known for its literacy rate and never looked down on the breastfeeding mothers. In other parts of the nation mothers always look for a corner to breastfeed their...