A total lunar eclipse is currently taking place on January 31, 2018, in many parts of the world. It is called ‘Chandra Grahan’ in the Hindi language.

When the eclipse occurs, the moon will be near to earth by 60,000 km against the normal distance between the moon and the earth. It will appear brilliant and greater.

Grahan 2018

Here are a few interesting things to know about the January 31 phenomenon.

1. This marvel of sorts is going to be occurring for the first time in a period of 150 years

2. After today, a similar one will be after a decade, on Dec.

31, 2028, and, after that, on Jan. 31, 2037.

3. The western part of North America will get the best glimpse on Wednesday.

4. People in Canada will be able to see the complete Chandra Grahan from start to end.

5. The moon will not appear in many parts of Europe and South America.

Watch live!

In India, the eclipse will initiate at 5:18 PM. The span of the eclipse will be 76 minutes and it would commence at 6.21 PM and will be visible till 7.37 PM.

The partial eclipse will conclude at 8:41 pm. The duration of the total eclipse will be 1 hour 16 minutes.

Tirumala Temple closed during the time

Many organizations in India like the ISRO have organized live telecast of the event. Many famous temples in India also have organized homa and havans for the people who get affected by the grahan.

The famous Lord Venkateshvara Temple in Tirupati will be closed during the time and re-open at 9:30 PM on Wednesday, according to the authorities.