Come January 31, 2018, be prepared for a spectacle beyond compare, a once in a century occurrence. Residents in North America and parts of Asia will be treated to triple delight — A Blood Red Moon, Blue Moon and Super Moon on January 31.

Where to watch live stream

Viewers in India and other parts of the world need not feel disheartened and can view the spectacle which is being beamed live beginning at 5:30 AM EST on Jan. 31. A live feed of the Moon can be watched on NASA TV and

One can also view the proceedings at @NASAMoon. Viewers can rest assured to get a splendid view from telescopes placed at strategic locations at varying heights.

The feed will include views from telescopes which are operated by NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California.

When to watch the event

Residents in Northern America, Alaska, can view the spectacle before sunrise while the residents in Far East Russia, Australia and New Zealand and the Middle East can view the spectacle after sunset.

The January 31 full moon will be special for three reasons — The Super Moon which is a seemingly larger moon due to the position of the Moon in the perigee of the lunar orbit.

This was unique because it featured two Full moons in a single month also known as Blue Moon.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, the eclipse will make the Moon appear blood red. The lunar eclipse happens when the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon. This causes the moon to appear as a blood red color.