Parenting is a wonderful journey of life that requires immense patience and quality time need to be spent. Children are naughty and always up to some mischief. They are playful and love spending time by themselves. They do not like to be disturbed.

Motherhood is the most precious and memorable event for women. It is the feeling of oneness and happiness on seeing the child that gives meaning to life. Here is one article I enjoyed reading on parenting, simple ways to ease the journey 5 Parenting Techniques to practice for your child.

Kids favorite snacks

They are never hungry to eat good food. They love junk food and can indulge in it the whole day. Biscuits, cakes, aerated drinks, chips and loads of chocolates can be their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Rice and chapati are hardly eaten, vegetables are disliked and milk is consumed after so much fuss.

It is easier to handle these children by making a few changes in our lifestyle. Children do learn the way they are taught. They are innocent and do follow the parents. For some, it does take time, as they tend to dislike the varied taste of some food.

Easy ways to feed kids:

It is easier to handle fussy children by making a few changes in our lifestyle. Children are silent observers and do follow elders.

For some children, you need to find alternative food that they like. Here are a few easy ways to feed kids.

1. Give a colorful platter to eat. Make food of varied colors like red, green and orange by using beet, spinach, and carrot. One of my friends makes unique shapes of finger food for her kid. I really love the interest that she takes in creating it.

2. Make a smoothie of fruits and feed them. It tastes good. Bananas are available all-round the year. Other fruits that can be whipped as a smoothie are mango, strawberry, pear, muskmelon, and apple.

3. You can even freeze the puree in candy makers and serve as candy.

4. Restrict the buying of junk food. If they do not find it in the kitchen, they will not run to the shop daily.

Store energy bars, dry fruits, and fruits in the refrigerator.

5. Avoid bringing aerated drinks. They do more harm than good.

6. Give a small portion of food, four or five times in a day.

7. It is best to give fresh fruits instead of juices. Seasonal fruits are cheaper and tasty. You get them abundantly. All kids usually love Watermelon, grapes, and mango.

8. Toddlers love listening to stories. Our grandmas were good at narrating so many interesting ones, isn’t it? Tell a story, let your imagination run wild, bring in some funny characters, they listen merrily as you make them eat.

9. You need to prepare often the food that they like. If your child is fond of idli, make it a weekly routine. Try making it differently, by adding vegetable puree to the batter.

Add a little butter or ghee to the serving that they eat. Yoghurt can be given to those who are tolerant of it.

10. Dal and rice combination is still the most cherished food in our country. Make it a habit to feed it, at least once in a day. It has both proteins and carbohydrates.

One Mum changing the face of parenting with events to inspire is another interesting read if you like.

What are the ways you adapt to feed your tiny tot?