One of the major reason we are not happy in life is because we have many wants and somehow our wants are not getting full filled. Take your time, sit back, and list down all your wants and the responsibilities that you have. If you find your wants are much more than the responsibilities then life can take a different turn into misery and hardship. So, try to minimize the wants and needs in your life and add some more responsibilities and you will be happy.

The reason for this is, wants make you greedy and develops a desire to always want more them and if you can’t live up to your own mark that makes you unhappy.

And responsibilities brings dedication to your life and keeps you busy which helps you to get away from all the stress that you have.

Don’t rush things yet remain busy

You need to find the thin line between being busy and rushing. It is obvious that feeling “rushed” is one way key to stress and unhealthy mental health. It is strange but true that being productive and busy makes you happy but when you rush things then it will create anxiety.

Have few close relationships

At least for most people, relationships are perhaps the most important thing (without exaggeration) when it comes to overall life satisfaction. Having a few close people in your life can keep you happy for life. Maybe your 9-5 job is crushing you every day or maybe your boss doesn’t like you and that will surely make you unhappy which I understand.

But if there are few people around who you feel safe and comfortable with it makes you stronger to face all the hurdles.

Do something different from the usual

I know everyone is busy and hardly could find time for anything else than work. Go out for something like mini-vacations. They are important to recharge your mind and body.

They do not need to be expensive or fancy. The important thing is to do something new other than the usual. A walk at a nearby park with family or friends is a great way to get some exercise, fresh air, and social interaction.

Live the present moment and leave the unpleasant past memories

Everyone had a past and it may not always turn out to be great and could eventually hurt you for life.

I know it is very hard to forget the past, especially when it’s not good, but look around you today. There are a lot more things to be happy about and opportunities to create some good memories. Try to live in the present and look for happiness, I am sure you will find it.

Know that everything is temporary

It may sound a little bit clumsy at the moment, but think about how everything in your life is temporary and keeps changing. Keep hope that whatever you are going through it will be over eventually. And when you realize that everything is temporary, and it all fades away, then you can be perpetually happy.

Spend time and money on experiences

In this busy world that we live in, we almost forget that there is a life beyond work.

Remember your life has a deadline the same as your work routine. So add some experiences to your life before it meets the deadline. Plan something good for this year - travel to the place you always imagined you would visit. Spend more time with your loved ones, take care of them and yourself. Create memories and experiences because these are the only treasures you can hold for life.


Have some fresh air, go out for a walk. I really don’t care how much you hate to exercise but you must agree that exercise makes you happy and strong both mentally and physically. And it makes you healthy and happy.