The best part about being in a Relationship is that when you are with the one you love you do not have to hide any of your feelings or emotions from them. Of course, this holds true in cases when the feelings between you two are mutual and true. When you feel that you have to hide your feelings from your partner so that he/she does not get hurt or angry, the relationship status does not look so good. Another important thing about being in a relationship is coming up with small rituals and habits that will always make you reaffirm your love and support for each other.

Here we present to you some of these habits that can often be seen in healthy relationships. If you do have these habits, the game is going strong for you, and you can enjoy your life together to the fullest.

1 Expressing small acts of physical intimacy

Expressing physical intimacy does not necessarily means having sex or making out. Physical intimacy can be expressed in all kinds of little formats such as hugging or holding hands in public. Even laying down in each other’s arms and cuddling to share the warmth while watching a movie reaffirms that you love each other deeply.

2. Sharing everything

If you are one of those couples that will last, this is another one of the traits that you will observe within your relationship.

No matter how tired you are at the end of the day sharing will become very important part of your day. Even if you are miles apart, you will share the small details of the day with each other over the phone. Even if the thing is as little as spilling a cup of coffee or sharing a joke with a co-worker, you will just be thinking about sharing the good and the bad with your partner at the end of the day.

3. Building up a small daily ritual

Rituals are the practices that bring a sense of commitment and trust into your life. In case you are a healthy relationship you will observe that you and your partner will come up with all sorts of absurd rituals that will get incorporated so deep into your lifestyle that not performing any one of these rituals will make your stomach growl!

These rituals can be various shapes and forms from something as petty as being the first one to wish each other good morning to something as big as watching a movie each weekend no matter what.

4. Fighting for each other

One of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is to ensure that you are able to stand up to defend the honor and integrity of your partner. How is this a habit? Under circumstances that you are surrounded by toxic people or that your partner does have some kind of a bad history, it will become a habit for you to become overprotective of your partner. And believe us when we tell you, it is a good thing!