While there are many countries in the world known for their out of the world tasty street food, India is one country we all know stands tall and proud in the food sector and while the West has Gordon Ramsey doing the job, with a variety of snacks, easy to cook dishes available for cheap, Delhi is doing the same for us.

It is known for its spicy and finger licking street food, from Chola Bhaturas, Golgappas, Cheesy Maggi, Kulcha Rolls, Bun-tikki to Masala Dosas, Momos and Masala chaat.

One cannot possibly miss out on Sita Ram Chole Bhature - Chole Bhatura is one dish North Indians are crazy about, it is tasty and filling, and while there are many joints out there selling wonderfully prepared Chola Bhatura, Seeta Ram Dewan Chand, in old Delhi's Paharganj undisputedly the best place to taste the dish, they offer pickle and onions along too.

The place has many other branches in Delhi itself.

The famous Dolma Aunty is someone you shouldn't miss out on

Next comes, Dolma Aunty Momos, situated in Lajpat Nagar, Dolma Aunty Momo joint is crowded with momo lovers, the spicy red sauce served with steaming hot momos is a delicacy one mustn't miss out on. From veg momos, paneer momos to fried spring rolls she has your taste buds in control. The place is extremely cheap and famous among youngsters.

Bitto Tikki Wala is another place you must try, known for its humongous thick tikkis, Bitu Tikki Wala is one outlet you must try to give a relieving change to your taste buds. The Aloo Tikkis are freshly made in front of you, with a variety of chutneys being served on it.

There are many outlets in Delhi, Along with tikkis they serve many other things, the food here is cheap, tasty and filling.

Is stuffed Indian bread your thing?

Paranthe Wali Galli is next on my list. If you are a genuine Parantha (Indian bread) fan and love loads of stuffed Paranathas to have with your adrak chai (ginger tea), this is your heaven.

Situated in Chandini Chowk, you will find many parantha outlets in this narrow lane serving a variety of paranthas to relish and enjoy with pickle, curd and chutney. The lane is already well established and is regularly crowded with street food hoarders.

The last one is Gupta Chaat, one cannot finish this list without mentioning this famous chaat shop known for its variety of items being served, it is especially known for its quality food at cheap prices. From different kinds of chaaps to tikkis and chat, this outlet in Punjabi Bagh shouldn't be missed out on.

So next time you go out, do try these this amazing street food outlets in Delhi.