Rape is when a person forces upon another person sexually. A basic explanation of culture can be, a society that shares traditions, history, and other happenings that normally take place in that particular community. Rape culture is when the society has accepted that rape is one of the happenings in the society. In the words of Clementine Ford “pretending that rape culture does not exist is rape culture." Rape culture is when rape is accepted and joked about.

Is alcohol responsible for rapes or is it the mentality?

There are numerous misconceptions regarding what leads to the act of rape.

Alcohol is something that is majorly blamed to be an agent causing rape. It is a fact that most of the date rape cases have alcohol involvement in them, but it does not mean that alcohol caused it. Alcohol works like testosterone.

It does not have a mind of its own with a rapist mentality; it just makes a person feel more confident and aggressive. It enhances the feelings and emotions that were already present. Hence, rapes caused under the influence of alcohol are still due to the rapist mentality of the person doing it. As alcohol consumption is very common and an undeniable part of the modern culture, its association with rape thereby, normalizes rape.

Are clothes and dressing styles to be blamed for causing rapes?

Another factor that is highly blamed for rape is clothing. According to an Amnesty International survey, “One in three people believes that women who behave flirtatiously are at least partially responsible if they are raped." The only common factor in all the rape cases is the rapists' mentality, not the dressing style.

Considering that it was the victim’s fault that caused her to get raped- is rape culture.

Are language, society, and culture to be blamed?

Language is one of the various factors that shape a society’s mindset. It is definite that the only thing that causes rape is a rapist mentality; which is the consequence of gender inequality.

The existence of gender inequality as a part of the societal mentality has a linguistic approach to it.

In the words of Edward Sapir “The fact of the matter is that the real world is to a large extent unconsciously built up on the language habits of the group. We see and hear and otherwise experience very largely as we do because the language habits of our community predispose certain choices of interpretation”. Hence, language is not just a way of communication, but it influences thinking and thereby, attitude.

As of now, our culture does blame alcohol, dressing choices, and many other such reasons for the causation of rapes. Conveniently, one does not blame the culture or society that allows gender inequality and misogyny. Therefore, yes, we live in a rape culture.