Singer Anurag Papon Mahanta is a 41-year-old singer from the Indian state of Assam, who is a regular singer in Bollywood films. The singer was invited to be a judge on his famous singing reality show, 'Voice of Indian kids.'The Singer while applying 'gulal'( red color applied during the festival of Holi) to one one of the participants, an 11-year-old girl forced himself on her and kissed her. The expression of the girl changed, and Papon realizing that his act had been captured on camera asked for a cut. The Indian movie channel has reported that a case against Papon has been filed by Supreme Court lawyer Runa Bhuyan under POCSO Act for 'molesting' a minor.

The girl in question was taking part in the reality show.

Papon in trouble

The act was highlighted by TV anchor Arnab Goswami on Times-News channel, and most of the participants in the discussion condemned the singer. His lawyer however who also appeared on the show defended the singer and said that too much was being out of a simple, harmless act, that was just a spontaneous reaction by Papon.

Bollywood reaction

A matter of grave concern is the reaction by the Bollywood fraternity. The stars and producers who had started an agitation on a trivial matter of appointing a Principle to the Film Institute against the man appointed by the BJP government, have singularly failed to comment or condemn the singer.

The top heroines like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Katrina Kaif are silent. Worse the superstar Amitabh Bachchan and the three Khans have studiously avoided saying anything on the incident. This has been adversely commented upon by many.

The singer Papon is a gifted artist, but his action which was captured on camera clearly shows that it was an indecent act.

He is open to the charge of molestation, though the parents of the girl have said that Papon is a 'father figure ' to the girl and there was nothing much in the incident.

India is rocked by crimes against young girls, and recently a 28-year-old cousin had raped a 6-month-old girl child. This act of Papon has to be seen in this light, and the Supreme Court lawyer Runa has filed a case against him.

Now that a case is filed, Papon will have to face the investigation.

Last word

Bollywood is famous for many activities of a prejudicial nature like the casting couch and exploitation of starlets for favors. But this act of forcing himself on the girl, a mere 11-year-old child should have been condemned by the film fraternity. However, it has not happened and raises serious doubts about some of the stars and their responsibility towards social mores and crimes.