Vice President M Venkiaha Naidu inaugurated the 10th Auto Summit hosted by the Federation of automobile Dealers Association on Friday. Naidu said that the biggest challenge that India is facing is environment. He added that tackling vehicular pollution is major challenge for the country.

Naidu said that it’s high time India starts promoting e-mobility and use environment-friendly, green vehicles as an alternative mode of transportation. He said that automobile manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers must follow ethical standards and create automobiles that do not pollute the environment.

India is focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, he said. The Vice President also added that, besides e-vehicles, manufacturers must also focus on coming up with hybrid models using clean technologies.

Shedding light on the cost efficiency and quality, Naidu said that electronic vehicles reduces operating costs and is far more effective than vehicles that run on gasoline.

The Vice President said that EVs have a potential to create more job opportunities. He said that the demand for electric vehicles will create a demand for batteries, thereby resulting in manufacturing of batteries with the country.

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