Imran Khan is a well-known name in Pakistan. He was the captain of the Pak cricket team during his younger days and also led Pak to a world cup triumph in 1992. After retirement, he entered politics and formed the Tehreek-e-Insaf, a political party that opposed the ruling establishment.

Imran has been married twice earlier to rich heiress Jemima Goldsmith and his second wife was TV anchor Reham Khan. The Hindu has reported that Imran has now tied the knot with Bushra Meneka. This is his third marriage.

Imran's third marriage

Imran had kept the marriage a secret but this affected his political fortunes.

It resulted in his humiliating defeat in the recent by-election in Punjab province. Imran has now made public his marriage. It is learned that the lady is in her late forties and has five children from her earlier marriage. She comes from a conservative Muslim family and is a spiritual guide and faith healer.

Imran had developed intimacy with Bushra when he was meeting her for spiritual guidance. He proposed marriage and waited till Bushara divorced her husband before he married her.

The Dawn has reported that the marriage ceremony was held at Maneka’s brother’s residence in Lahore. The 'Nikah' was performed by the Central Executive Committee member Mufti Muhammad Saeed of his party.

Imran's wife a spiritual guide

Imran had been meeting Bushra for guidance for more than a year. He became close to her after she made some correct forecasts about the fortunes of his political party. He had kept the marriage a secret but he was advised to make it public so as not to damage the interests of the party in the coming general election.

Imran is a flamboyant man who when he played cricket was known as a playboy. After retirement, he entered politics and at present, he is aspiring to be the prime minister of Pakistan.It is rumored that he has the backing of the Pak army which is a plus point in Pakistan. He has repeatedly attacked Nawaz Sharif the ex-premier for corruption.

Cases of graft were also filed against Imran, but two days back all charges were dismissed by the Pak Supreme Court. It is also to the credit of Imran that he has not supported Hafiz Sayeed.


Imran introduced his wife to a small gathering at his brother-in-law's residence and Bushra kept her face veiled as per Islamic tradition. In Pakistan, the actions of Imran will probably have an effect, as the opposition is painting him as an unreliable man. It will be interesting to see how this marriage affects Imran Khan's fortune in the coming general election.