The 30th meeting of the Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee on Wednesday approved affordable housing for the urban poor. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has given its nod to construct over 1,86,777 houses. This project, under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban), will see an investment of Rs.11,169 crore, along with Rs.2,797 crore funding from the Centre.


A sum of Rs.4,322 crore will be invested in Haryana, where 53,290 houses will be constructed. The Centre will fund Rs.799 crore.

Tamil Nadu

A total of 40,623 houses has been approved for Tamil Nadu.

The Southern state will receive funding of Rs.2,314 crore, with central assistance of Rs.609 crore.


A total of 32,656 houses will be constructed in 95 cities across Karnataka. The investment for affordable housing is Rs.1,461crore with central assistance of Rs.490 crore.


A total of 15,584 houses have been sanctioned for Gujarat. The houses will be constructed across 45 towns and cities in the state. An funding of Rs. 946 crore has been allocated, with Rs.234 crore coming from the Centre.


A total of 12,123 houses will be constructed in Maharashtra. These houses will be built across 13 cities and towns. The investment for Maharashtra is Rs.868 crore, alongside central assistance of Rs.182 crore.


In the southern state of Kerala, a total of 9,461 houses will be built across 52 cities. The state, commonly refered to as God's Own Country, will receive an investment of Rs.284 crore, alongside Rs.142 crore from the Centre.


Uttarakhand has been sanctioned 6,226 houses in 57 cities and towns. The project will see an investment of Rs.258 crore, with central assistance of Rs.93 crore.


In Odisha, a total of 5,133 houses will be built across 26 cities and towns. A sum Rs.156 crore has been allocated for the affordable housing project, along with Rs.77 crore funding from the Centre.

Besides the housing project, India is also betting big on quality education and a pollution-free India.

Clean Air Campaign

On Thursday, Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, announced the launch of “Clean Air Campaign” in New Delhi. With its high pollution level, the national capital has always been a problem area. The minister emphasized that the two-week campaign is not merely an exercise, but a “serious effort” to reduce pollution. The campaign will be launched on Saturday and will conclude on February 23. The minister said that the pollution in the country has a negative impact on India’s reputation. He said that, for starters, the campaign will be launched for two weeks, but efforts will be taken throughout the year to reduce pollution.

“We have reached a point where we can no longer tolerate pollution.

There has to be an emphasis on zero tolerance to polluters,” he said.

The minister pointed out that New Delhi generates about 131 tonnes of dust every day. “Once we take steps to bring this down, air pollution will also be reduced,” he said.

To raise awareness of air pollution and the need to maintain a clean, healthy India, the minister has been meeting students, teachers and activists. As part of this initiative, the Centre recently launched a national campaign called, “Green Good Deeds.”

To contain dust pollution, the Centre has implemented certain guidelines. Some of the guidelines include environmental clearance for buildings, presence of water sprinklers at construction sites, pavements of metallic roads leading to construction projects. The guidelines also stated that soil cannot be excavated without proper dust mitigation measures.

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